Choosing Your Pressure Washing Equipment for Business – Where to Start (Part 2)

Electric Pressure Washer

  continued from Choosing Your Pressure Washing Equipment for Business – Where to Start part 1 The Power of Water Water is considered as the universal solvent because there is no other liquid that can match water in terms of its dissolving properties.  Adding certain properties to water makes it even more powerful as a […]

Choosing Your Pressure Washing Equipment for Business – Where to Start (Part 1)

Belt Drive Gas Pressure Washer

Choosing your pressure washing equipment can be tough if you don’t have any idea of the different types of them available.  If you don’t know where to start when choosing your pressure washing equipment, then there are chances that you may not pick the right equipment suitable for your cleaning needs – it is either […]

What are Downstream Injectors?

Downstream Injector Connected to Pump

Everybody knows that pressure washers are great cleaning equipments that can enable any person to clean effectively, efficiently, and in less time when compared to manual cleaning.  The reason behind the effectiveness of pressure washers when it comes to cleaning surfaces is its highly pressurized stream of water that bombards dirt and stains and basically […]

Accelerating Pressure Cleaning with Detergent and Bleach

PW Detergent

Pressure washers are practically the best cleaning equipment ever made when it comes to cleaning hardened dirt, mud, muck, grease, oil, and stains on solid surfaces.  These cleaning equipments are able to accomplish such feat by accelerating water at very high speeds to bombard the dirt with enough umph to penetrate, dissolve, and lift them […]

Pressure Washing Instructions


Pressure washers are basically effective and efficient cleaning equipments which have been becoming increasingly popular in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors in the past few decades.  It fact, it is not unusual if they become even more popular as cleaning equipments in the years to come.  When people clean their cars, patios, walls, fences, […]

Pressure Washer Maintenance and Troubleshooting – Frequently Asked Questions

Pump Oil

Many pressure washer owners are aware on what a pressure washer is for, can do, and how they can use it effectively.  There are even pressure washer owners who have even invested in aftermarket attachments so they can make the most out of their units.  However, despite their experience with their pressure washing units, some […]

Industrial and Commercial Uses of Pressure Washers

PW Barrels

Many people who work in the industrial and commercial sectors, particularly those in the maintenance department, are familiar with the pressure washer.  This is because the pressure washer helps them to clean and maintain important parts of their facilities effectively and in hardly less time.  This makes the pressure washer very indispensable cleaning equipment for […]

Simple Pressure Washing Tips

Pressure Washing

Pressure washers are cleaning equipments that are very popular in the industrial and commercial sectors.  This is because with the use of pressure washers, not only are you able to accomplish your cleaning tasks more efficiently, but you are also able to cut down cleaning time significantly.  This is possible because pressure washers generate a […]

Tips on How to Pressure Wash Your Home Safely

Pressure Washing Home

Many of us often neglect the exterior portions of our home which is most probably due to our busy lifestyles.  This is because cleaning such spaces without any cleaning equipment will take a lot of your time and effort.  This wouldn’t really be much of a problem if we had spare money to hire cleaning […]

Pressure Washing Driveways

Pressure Washing Driveway

The cleanliness of the exterior of our homes, which includes the garden, deck, patio, and even driveway, can reflect our perspective towards cleanliness. When it comes to cleaning the garden, deck, and patio, often you need professional help as maintaining them can be very difficult. The driveway on the other hand is an exemption as […]