Using Pressure Washers to Clean Farms and Stables

Pressure Washing Poultry

Pressure washers are amazing cleaning equipments that help to remove mold, mud, dust, dirt and grime on any solid surface.  They are able to do this by accelerating water at very high speeds to lift off any dirt or debris that is clinging onto the surface the operator is trying to clean.  The best thing […]

An Introduction to Pressure Washers

Electric Pressure Washer

Pressure washer, or sometimes referred to as power washers by some, are cleaning equipments that are perfect for cleaning driveways, pavements, garages, patio, fences, lawnmowers, vehicles, and other solid surfaces.  They draw low water pressure from your garden hose and boosting up this water pressure using a special water pump.  The pump is powered using […]

Gas Pressure Washers and the High Pressure Pump

Gas Pressure Washer

The popularity of pressure washers is increasing these days as these exceptional cleaning equipments have found their way not just on industrial and commercial areas, but for residential cleaning duties as well.  In fact, many homeowners are finding new and different uses for them while some have even started pressure washer cleaning businesses which are […]

A Look Into the Basic Components of a Pressure Washer

Electric Pressure Washer Motor

Pressure washers are basically cleaning equipments that use pressurized water in order to lift and clean dirt and stains adhered to solid surfaces.  The uses of pressure washers in terms of cleaning are numerous and they can accomplish almost any cleaning task not just efficiently, but also in far less time.  They are no longer […]

A Comprehensive Look into High Pressure Pump

High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump

All manufacturers of pressure washers consider the high pressure pump as the heart of a pressure washer. This is because pressure pumps are responsible for generating the pressure needed to make a pressure washer what it is – a cleaning equipment that utilizes high water pressure to clean. The most popular type of pressure pump […]