Pressure Washing Business 101

Pressure Washing Business 101

Pressure washing is a multi million dollar industry in today's residential and commercial world. A pressure washing business requires a relatively small investment as far as equipment is concerned. Pressure washing businesses have become quite lucrative in recent years. They provide pressure washing for a variety of clients, including residential and those in industrial, construction and transportation services. Because they constantly have to go to places of business and residential areas, most power washing businesses are mobile. However, there are some that operate out of a commercial location, and these typically only do pressure washing for vehicles and other small items that can be brought to the pressure washing business.

Get Started

Conduct a survey to help you generate business ideas. Research existing competition in your area. Start at nearby residential areas and assess the situation in what areas is pressure washer needed. Determine the services that you want to offer. Your equipment and labor needs will be directly related to the services you want to provide. Establish your rates by calculating your cost of providing the service in your area.

Choose between commercial or residential markets for your pressure washing business services. Although the residential market is larger, there is more competition for smaller jobs and from do-it-yourself homeowners. Some pressure washing businesses are franchised while others are started from scratch.

Enroll in a pressure washer course if there is available in your area. Pressure washers using the incorrect water pressure can damage wood and siding. A course that teaches you how to avoid damaging a client's property is well worth the investment. Being able to restore wood and ensuring that you are compliant with federal environmental rules, will set you above other contractors in your area.

Next is to purchase the right equipment and vehicles that you need. Review the requirements by visiting the equipment reviews from various pressure washer websites. Generally, you may consider gas powered over the electric, since you won't always have easy access to outlets. If you can afford a trailer-mounted pressure washer, go for it because it will have a large capacity and can be pulled by your truck reducing the wear and tear within the bed of your truck.

For the best results, choose a gasoline-powered or hot-water pressure washer of at least 3,000 to 4,000 PSI. High pressure hoses, a water tank, a variety of detergents and cleaners and an assortment of tips should set you up for most jobs. Practice on your own home and driveway before heading out to perform work for customers. Buy liability insurance before your first job in case you inadvertently damage any property.

Other things to consider are the PSI (pounds per square inch) rating, GPM (gallons per minute) whether you can use hot water. Hot water may allow you to use a lower PSI, making it better suited for certain materials. Your PSI should be at least 2,000, but no more than about 5,000. Other supplies include hoses, chemicals and an X-Jet nozzle.

Monitor Sales and Management

Set Up your own accounting system. Find samples that you can use to track your accounts payable (bills), your accounts receivables (invoices) and your cash on hand from websites. Then evaluate your expenses and write up a price list that will allow you to make a profit.

Consider the time you anticipate you will need to invest with each job, the materials you'll use, and how much you'll charge based on what other pressure cleaners in your area are charging. Your price list may need to be adjusted once you've completed a variety of jobs. Revise your business plan and marketing plan as needed. Develop an inventory monitoring plan. Weather contingency plans and temporary staffing plans may also be required to meet seasonal demands.

How to Market

Join  associations and local chamber of commerce to stay abreast of industry development, sub-contract and bid opportunities and word of mouth referrals. Review your goals and strategies frequently. Get supplier contracts or lines of credit so that you have ready access to the inventory needed to operate.

Check environmental protection laws that affect your business. Some communities also have noise laws that may restrict your service hours. Contact government buildings and schools to get their business. Register your business in the Chamber of Commerce. Post flyers on bulletin boards at home improvement store.

Pressure Washer Killer

Pressure Washer Killer

Pressure washer is a power tool that sprays water at high pressures to clean large, sturdy surfaces such as buildings, farm equipment and roads as well as sidings of the houses and patio. Water is drawn with a hose pipe and the water is pumped out at different levels of pressure according to the requirements of the machine. They are available for all levels of cleaning tasks from weekend projects to heavy-duty commercial applications. It delivers extreme pressure and can cause serious injuries if misused. It doesn't have very long life spans which the best models could last several years. Aside from the life span of its prone to deter by the following intrusions and conditions that might killed their operational performance.  Proper care and maintenance is the key to avoid these pressure washer killer conditions.

Top 12 Pressure Washer Killers


Gasoline Pressure Washer Drawbacks

Gasoline Pressure Washer Drawbacks

A Pressure Washer is a water pump and a motor on wheels that is powered by electric or gas energy. These power machines are great for cleaning the siding on your house, gutters, your driveway, lawn furniture, boats, cars, motorcycles, patio and more. There are also three models on offer namely light, medium and heavy duty models. When purchasing a pressure washer, you will be faced with a variety of choices. There are lots of different brands and models to choose from. The first thing you will need to decide on will be what type you want to have. Once you have decided, choosing the right type will be much easier. Whether you choose electric or gasoline pressure washer, you should be aware that each has their advantages and drawbacks.

Gasoline pressure washer is a great choice in case you have powerful cleaning jobs to do. It is popular due to its strong pressure output and long duration. In gas powered pressure washer, gasoline is ignited in an internal combustion engine to power a pump that pushes water through the trigger gun that you’re holding. At the end of the trigger gun is a nozzle to further speed up the water flow to ensure enough force to remove the paint, grime or mud or whatever from the surface you’re cleaning. If you will be using a gasoline pressure washer on an industrial setting, you will need to consider how much GPM (Gallons per Minute) and PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) the washer has as this is a critical factor to how much cleaning power a washer has.

One of the biggest advantages of gasoline pressure washer is it generates better pressure output compared to electric types. They are suitable for more powerful and bigger jobs like driveways, large outdoor decks, fences, houses. It is much more preferred if the pressure requirements are higher. Since gas types do not need any electricity to work, gasoline pressure washer are better suited for all outdoor cleaning activities. They’re easier to take with you out on the lawn or to your cabin because you don’t have to worry about the electric cords or electricity outlets. It has better portability as they do not have any difficult-to-handle power cords. It can be used for indoor cleaning tasks, provided used in the right way. If maintained properly, it can last for longer duration and continuously than the electric types.

Even though gasoline pressure washers are more powerful, they have disadvantages too. One of the drawbacks of using a gasoline pressure washer is the difficulty in maintenance. Because it depends in oil and gas to start, you need to have adequate supply of gas and oil. Electric pressure washers are quiet and they don't give off toxic fumes and odors. Gasoline pressure washer are louder and this can be a problem in many business and residential settings. it must be operated in an area that is well ventilated because it gives off toxic fumes and odors. That is why it is usually not used indoors.

It is important that when purchasing pressure washers, you already determine on what application it will be used for. This will help you identify what type of pressure washer you are looking for. Whether you need an electric pressure washer or a gasoline pressure washer.

Generac 3100PSI Residential Power Washer Review

Generac 3100PSI Residential Power Washer Review

Generac 3100PSI Residential Power Washer Review

This 3100PSI power washer is ideal for cleaning projects at home or at work with a 30' hose, two on-board 3/4 gallon detergent tanks, and a powerful Generac OHV horizontal shaft engine. The Generac 6025 3100-PSI 2.7-GPM 212cc OHV Gas Powered Pressure Washer is CARB Compliant and is perfect for washing your deck, driveway, patio furniture and more.  The powerful Generac 212cc OHV engine delivers up to 3100-PSI (pounds per square inch) and 2.7-GPM (gallons per minute) with less effort for efficient cleaning.

The axial cam pump is well above the ground for easy connections and the cooling fins dissipate heat to extend pump life. The spray gun has a cushioned grip with an easy-to-pull reverse trigger that reduces fatigue during cleaning and the rear hose connection on the spray gun provides better balance and comfort. The "never flat" wheels provide balanced, effortless mobility for easy transport regardless of terrain. Its compact design doesn’t take up much of your room in the garage or shed. Also it comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Other features include a folding handle to provide quick and compact storage, (2) drainable on-board 0.75-gallon detergent tanks for easy chemical removal and tank cleaning, (5) cleaning nozzles (0-degrees, 15-degrees, 25-degrees, 40-degrees) with on board storage and a 30-foot PVC hose.

Product Features:

Generac OHV EngineGenerac 3100PSI residential power washer

  • Low Oil Shutdown on all Models

Easy Access

  • Axial cam pump is well above the ground, making hose connections easy.
  • Engine Controls (clearly marked for easy starting)

Mobility Feature

  • The Balanced for almost effortless mobility, regardless of terrain.
  • Pump height makes it easy to gather hoses for transport.

Comfort Feature

  • Cushion Grip (provides greater comfort while cleaning)
  • Easy-to-pull trigger reduces fatigue.
  • Longer gun – improved grip surface.
  • Rear hose connection on spray gun provides better balance and comfort.

3100PSI Front View

  • Powerful 212cc Generac OHV horizontal shaft engine
  • High-performance spray gun
  • Quick-Click nozzle tips
  • 10"wheels
  • (2) 3/4 gallon detergent tanks
  • Unique footrest
  • User friendly controls

3100PSI Rear View

  • Easy-access axial cam pump
  • 30' PVC hose
  • Integrated spray gun holder

High performance Spray Gun

  • Thicker cushion grip for comfort
  • Longer barrel provides added stability
  • Easy-to-pull trigger reduces fatigue
  • Rear hose connection for maximum convenience

Generac 6025 3100PSI 2.7-GPM 212cc OHV Gas Powered Residential Power Washer

Sale Price: $ 449.00

Product Description:

With a 30' hose, two on-board 3/4 gallon detergent tanks, and a powerful Generac OHV horizontal shaft engine, this 3100PSI power washer is ideal for cleaning projects at home or at work.

Key Features:

  • Power washer for multiple cleaning applications like washing cars, decks, lawn mowers and more
  • Generac 212cc OHV engine delivers up to 3100-PSI and 2.7-GPM with less effort for efficient cleaning
  • Control panel is clearly marked, up front and centralized for quick, easy starting and adjustment
  • Easy-to-pull reverse trigger provides greater comfort and reduces fatigue
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty and is CARB Compliant
  • Product Dimensions: 23.2 x 16 x 40.2 inches ; 67.5 pounds
Top 7 Professional grade Pressure Washers

Top 7 Professional grade Pressure Washers

Top 7 professional grade pressure washers. When it comes to evaluating pressure, the preferred way to evaluate a  pressure washer is based on the pressure washer’s cleaning units. Cleaning units (CU) are basically the pressure (PSI) multiplied by the number of gallons per minute (GPM) that is outputted by the pressure washer. The number of cleaning units is the true difference between a consumer grade pressure washer and a professional-grade pressure washer for true  industrial cleaning.

Simpson PowerShot Pressure Washer

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the cleaning pro, the SIMPSON PowerShot is very powerful, yet extremely compact, easy Simpson PowerShot Pressure Washerto transport, set-up and load. Perfect for contractors who specialize in deck cleaning, wood restoration, paint preparation, graffiti removal, and all other professional cleaning services. Equipped with commercial series HONDA GX OHV engines that are built with high-quality components and designed for optimum performance in the harshest environments. Honda engines are paired with AAATM industrial triplex plunger pumps, a brand with a history of over 40 years of innovation. AAATM pumps are equipped with patent pending PowerBoostTM technology that provides higher pressure at the nozzle, resulting in greater impact and cleaning performance than a typical pump using the same engine torque and horsepower configuration. In addition, this revolutionary pump design reduces vibration, noise, and heat to deliver a better working environment for operator while extending engine and pump life. Exceptionally strong welded steel frame body and pneumatic tires for mobility across most any surface. Pro-style quick connect spray wands and nozzles, with professional spray gun, allows users to operate with ease. High pressure hoses are non-marring, kink and abrasion resistant, and either poly-braided or steel-braided for exceptional strength and long-life.

AR Blue Clean 767 Electric Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean 767 with Total Stop System is all that you are looking for and more. The sharp ergonomic design, complete with a two-wheel AR Blue Clean 767 Electric Pressure Washertrolley mounted unit and powerful induction motor is user-friendly and can handle any tough cleaning project. This pressure washer was designed for medium to heavy-duty commercial applications and will give you hours of dependability, maximum cleaning power and easy maintenance. The AR Blue Clean 767 runs cooler, lasts longer and is more cost effective than other pressure washers on the market. A product of Annovi Reverberi S.p.A., Italy, the largest privately owned company of Triplex Plunger Pumps in the world.

Champion 71320 Gas Pressure Washer

The Champion 71320 4000 psi gasoline powered pressure washer features wireless remote start from up to 80 ft. away, and provides Champion 71320 Gas Pressure Washerdependable, portable cleaning power for your home or job site. This unit yields 4000 PSI at 4.0 GPM powered by a 389 cc Champion single cylinder, 4-stroke OHV engine. This pressure washer features a 1.25 in. durable frame, wheel kit with 10 in. never flat wheels, soft grip gun and stainless steel wand, 4 stainless steel quick connect nozzles (15 degree, 25 degree, 40 degree, and chemical), thermal relief valve to protect the pump, 50 foot high pressure quick connect hose, and chemical/detergent hose. It also includes a low pressure chemical injector and integrated storage for hose, wand and gun.

Lifan PS2555 Gas Pressure Washer

Lifan Power USA is a full line of professional duty power equipment designed with a focus on premium quality and outstanding value. LIFAN Lifan PS2555 Gas Pressure Washerprides itself in standing behind all Lifan products with a industry first 3 Year Warranty and offers the highest level of service and support in the industry. With proven performance and unmatched value, Lifan power equipment will keep you running. The Pressure Storm series PS2555-CA-ARP is a powerful 2500psi pressure washer and has incredible value. It features a 5.5 HP OHV Horizontal Shaft engine with low oil shutdown for maximum engine protection, heavy duty frame with easy roll wheel for maximum portability, 2-Piece hand trigger wand with safety lock, and a chemical and soap injector port. It also is equipped with an AR Axial Cam Pump. The combination of the Industrial Grade Lifan Quality Engine and the AR Axial Cam Pump makes this unit the best buy in the market for all your heavy duty cleaning jobs at home or in the shop. LIFAN Power USA’s Pressure Storm Series PS2555 & PS2555-CA are extremely dependable. The PS2555 & PS2555-CA use LIFAN’s Industrial Grade 5.5 MHP (Maximum Horsepower) 4-Stroke OHV Gasoline Engine and a high quality Annoi Reverberi (AR) Axial Cam High Pressure Pump. CARB Certified Models Available.


Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 Electric Pressure Washer

Commercial grade electric pressure washer built to move dirt and grime fast. This unit offers plenty of power at 2000 PSI, and 1.5 GPM. It is

built with a professional CAT pump with solid ceramic plungers and special high pressure seals to provide a long life pump. The 120 Volt induction motor operates quieter than gas power, and produces zero emissions. Heavy duty cart is powder-coated for weather resistance, and provides on board storage accessories. Perfect to use outdoors or indoors in places like; maintenance shops, livestock owners, ranch/farms, heavy equipment owners, commercial kitchens, just to name a few. Requires 115 Volt 20 Amp outlet.


Generac 5993 Gas-Powered Pressure Washer

Durable, easy to use and built to last, Generac’s rugged commercial power washers feature professional grade triplex

Generac 5993 Gas-Powered Pressure Washer pumps and durable, welded, roll cage style frames that protect both the engine and pump. Get cleaning power, reliability and above all ease of use in an affordable, compact power washer. This model is perfect for cleaning around the house, at work, or on the farm. Powerful Generac engine and triplex pump and are perfectly balanced over the axle for almost effortless maneuverability.



Dewalt DXPW4240 Pump Gas Pressure Washer

Dewalt DXPW4240 Pump Gas Pressure Washer

The Dewalt DXPW4240 is a pressure washer engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the cleaning professional with its 4200 psi Honda engine. This unit is also equipped with a 4.0 GPM pro triplex plunger pump. This gas pressure washer is setting the standards by which all others are measured.




Home Use Pressure Washer

Home Use Pressure Washer

Home use pressure washer. The Best Pressure Washers for Home Use. Pressure washers are most likely one of the most functional tool any homeowner could own. However, despite the useful function of this wonderful machine, some owners still encounter common problems during their actual purchase. A lot of you might already know how this pressure washer machine works, but selecting the right and trusted brand type of pressure washer will be the challenge. Wise buying will always be the solution and in order to do this you need to secure yourself with accurate information about the products you have an eye with.

 Whether if you are doing an online or offline shopping, it would still be a great advantage if you are already equipped with ideas on the different product brands of pressure washers. Also, your options would be lesser making your selection easier and faster. There are a lot of Pressure Washer models and brands to choose from over the market these days, though all of it are made for the same purpose, buyers should not ignore the huge difference of each product’s condition and quality.

Electric Pressure Washer and Gas Pressure Washer

 Both electric and gas pressure washers are powerful when it comes to work. However, its performance would definitely matter on your uses. If you are planning to buy the electric-powered one, be informed of the common problems many users have encountered on this type of machine. Since it is electric, it will never be useful without electricity. Therefore on your whole usage of the machine it will require extension wires and a near outlet, which could be a burdensome and much close to accidents. So if you are working on hard to reach places like buildings, bigger houses, roofs, etc. it is recommended to use the gas-powered washer.

Pressure Washer Pricing

Some homeowners prefer to buy the inexpensive ones and sometimes the used tool, but just by thinking about it, you will never be sure of the quality of the item and may cost even more for its repair. It’s always best to buy the brand-new items because it has a warranty and the features and quality of the product is legit. Buying the expensive ones will save you more in the long run because as its value appears, the product is insured with advanced features. Thus, price comparison is still advised because it happens to matter depending on where you are making the purchase. Choose the trusted sellers both on online and offline market.

Top 10 Best Pressure Washers (Electric and Gasoline):

1. Generac 5995
- Gasoline
- PSI: 3,300
- GPM:  3.2

2.    Simpson Powershot
- Gasoline
- PSI: 4,200
- GPM: 4.0

3.    Generac 5997
- Gasoline
- PSI: 4,000
- GPM: 4.0

4.    Power Boss 020309
- Gasoline
- PSI: 3,000
- GPM: 2.5

5.    Shark SGP- Commercial
- Gasoline
- PSI: 3,000
- GPM: 3.5

6.    Sportsman GPW1800
- Gasoline
- PSI: 1,800
- GPM: 1.6

7.    Karcher Expert Series
- Gasoline
- PSI: 2,800
- GPM: 2.3

8.    Briggs & Stratton
- Gasoline
- PSI: 1,700
- GPM: 1.6

9.    Karcher X-series
- Electric
- PSI: 2,000
- GPM: 1.4

10. Campbell Hausfeld CP5211
- Electric
- PSI: 2,000
- GPM: 1.5

The most recommended pressure washer that is ideal for home use:

Pressure Washers with 1,800 – 3,000 PSI – This type of Pressure Washer has the ability to work with tough cleaning on your garage, decks, driveways and sidewalks.

 Pressure Washers with 3,000 and up PSI – This type of Pressure Washer is capable of cleaning hard to reach concrete areas, paint stripping. This type of pressure washer is also best for industrial cleaning.

On the pressure washer models listed above, the highly recommended models for Home use are:

pressure washers