Drawbacks in Using Pressure Washers

Drawbacks in Using Pressure Washers

Drawbacks in Using Pressure Washers. A pressure washer is a mechanical device, usually powered by an electric motor, a gasoline engine, or a diesel engine that uses a pump to generate a high-pressure stream of water to clean surfaces. The pump is a positive displacement pump that forces a specific amount of water flow from the outlet. By restricting the amount of water that comes out of the pump, specific dirt is removed. If you did not restrict the water flow on your pump, you are just cleaning using your garden hose - watering the dirt.

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Just like any devices, a pressure washer has its advantages and disadvantages. Advertisements and commercials usually promote their product, so as an intelligent consumer you are to find out its flaws and limitations. Here is a list of its disadvantages.

One if its disadvantage is concerned with its power supply. If you are using an electric-powered pressure washer, then no current means no work done. Another disadvantage of electric-powered pressure washer is it cannot operate away from its direct source of energy. And it must have a built-in ground fault circuit interrupter or else you will have your equipment exploding.  On the other hand, gas-powered pressure washer has no problem with fuel unless there is no fuel at all. And although it encourages mobility on your washer, it exhausts gases which can be harmful to you. They are loud plus the added cost of buying gas, oil and spark plugs. They are more difficult to start.

Delicate surfaces cannot withstand the exposure to high pressure output. The main limitation of commercial pressure cleaner machines is that they cannot be used on soft surfaces. Hence, users must use extra care in using power user into them.

The high pressure output poses a problem for the operators as well. The operators must handle the machine with great care. . Operators should be vigilant enough to protect their own bodies from the powerful output of these machines. Both gas-powered and electrical pressure washers can cause damage to the human body if it is exposed to the output for too long.

To add up, pressure washers would tend to demand higher electricity bill when not use properly. The usual reasons of this happening are running the pressure washer without water, running the pressure washer in extended by-pass and cavitation.


Types of Pressure Washers

Types of Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are classified into following groups based on the type of fuel/energy they consume. Discussed below the characteristics of each type of pressure washer; check what suits your need for a wise purchase:

Electric pressure washer

Electric pressure washer is great and ideal for cleaning patios, small decks, lawn, mowers, outdoor furniture, automobiles etc. It weighs less and creates no exhaust emissions as perfect for cleaning jobs around the house and chores that emphasize cleaning over stain removal. It also runs in quieter than gas engine counterparts. Today, it’s also one of the most portable units in the market. An electric pressure washer is generally easy to start and operate in a range of flow rates and pressure ratings. It’s an economical choice for light to medium duty jobs for indoor and outdoor pressure cleaning. The ease of use by simply plug-it in and start and it's ready to go. While electric pressure washers also do not have a gas tank or exhaust therefore no carbon emissions making it more environment-friendly. The usual false impression with regards to electric pressure washers is that they do not come on models with hot water or high pressure capabilities when in fact a wide range of pressure ratings are made available in the market today. Be warned about the use of extension wires for electric pressure washers which can be a hazard on the work site if left tangled or out of sight. When acquiring an electric pressure washer, the availability of electrical power and general location of use should be considered.

Diesel pressure washer

A diesel pressure washer is a diesel fuel powered washer, it doesn’t rely for electricity for its power hence it offers portability and user convenience when it comes to mobility and site of work. There are a lot of uses in which a business can benefit including but not limited to cleaning of large parking lots and functional areas alike, cleaning numerous number of vehicles in a car lot as its portability allows these wide array of uses. Even the toughest jobs, the diesel pressure cleaners are capable to handle of any structures from top to bottom. These are a few of the many uses that are beneficial to household and businesses.

Why Diesel pressure washer cleaners are considered as an asset within any residential or commercial environment:

  • Without having to be plugged into an outlet, mobility is more flexible where the unit can be transported from area to area.

  • Investment wise, diesel powered pressure washers can last for many years, durability and longevity delivers higher returns on investment.

  • Ideal for work with well ventilated indoor areas and outdoor areas due to its ability to operate independently from a water supply, the washers are able to pull water from tank, a lake, or other source of water.

  • With Diesel powered pressure washers, there are models available with PSI more than 5000 in which in many situations are capable of cutting through toughest jobs such as substances that have hardened on the surface.

  • Because of the increased productivity with diesel, many users opt for this cleaning method rather than more traditional as it cleans highly efficient at a rapid rate. Thus, this allows users to complete more work in a day’s job and can do other task making it more beneficial to a business or house management chores.

Petrol/ Gas pressure washer

Petrol powered pressure washer are most useful for those who don’t have access to electric power supply. It’s the perfect choice for a variety of different situations which features provides ease of use and convenience tackling the toughest cleaning job. The petrol/ gas engine are suitable for even the most heavy duty pressure washing jobs. It can tackle anything from a variety of constructions site work to agricultural work. It can be equipped with features for an increased mobility factor. This type of pressure washer is extremely suitable in many different types of situation. For the early stages of construction work, this can be also perfect choice before the power supply is connected. It’s a perfect fit for large open spaces such as farming where there is no available electricity. The fittings for this type of pressure washers are made for long life; there are also replacement supplies for heavy duty brass ensuring the washer’s prolonged usefulness and durability.

Ultra high pressure washer

Ultra high pressure washers are widely used in various industrial sectors as it is a kind of industrial cleaning machines. These pressure washers are composed of mainframe and accessories wherein configuration should be in accordance with the requirements of the industrial sectors. Industrial needs can be satisfied with the high working pressure to mention; the removal of paint in the auto plant, cleaning the areas in a power plant like sticky dirt in the petrochemical plant. This can also be installed as an automatic cleaning device in cleaning different work areas simultaneously to improve efficiency with cleaning tasks. When conventional high pressure washers can no longer suffice, ultra high pressure washers can do the job, the stubborn coatings and dirt can be reliably removed even without the aid of cleaning agents. The ultra high pressure washers are designed particularly for the professional and industrial users. Because they are extremely heavy duty, it becomes ideal for the use of robust environments such as power plants, building constructions, shipping, offshore, manufacturing, agriculture, automotive and the like.

Hydraulic pressure washer

Hydraulic pressure washing equipment is ideal in many common applications; it is usually used for farm and agriculture industries cleaning with the use of existing hydraulics without the need for electricity or gasoline. The hydraulic driven pressure washers are with a very compact design allowing it to be mounted in a very tight space. Flow controllers are used in some models to ensure the motor can be regulated. It is usually found but not limited to these usages on farm equipments like tractors as the spraying equipment, cement haulers, industrial sewer cleaning trucks. Other usages are found in the plants with pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and also with biotechnology industries. There are features and benefits that set it apart from other pressure washer cleaning equipments. First, it doesn’t have noisy motors. Second, it’s a compact and lightweight designed equipment. Third, pumps are durable industrial grade. Lastly, it has flexible specifications available in a wide and complete array of pressure ratings and range of flow rates.