Steam Pressure Washer

If you are looking around for a new pressure washer you may need to decide on what type of pressure washer you want or need. There are basically three types of pressure washers – a cold pressure washer, a hot pressure washer, and a steam pressure washer. Each type of pressure washer has varying strengths and is likely suited for specific cleaning jobs.

A cold pressure washer is basically the regular type of pressure washer found in most stores, and is also considered the weakest among the three types. It is suitable for many cleaning applications such as dirt removal and other light cleaning jobs that do not require high temperatures. Hot pressure washers on the other hand steps up the ante as the temperature of the water it ejects is nearly 200°F, allowing it to clean more stubborn dirt, grease and oil. The heat of the hot water generally gives this type of pressure washer its cleaning advantage over cold water units. In addition to this, the hot water it uses also helps to disinfect the surface being cleaned – perfect for cleaning applications where contaminants and germs are involved.

Despite the cleaning powers of hot and cold pressure washers, they are in no way a match to the cleaning prowess of a steam pressure washer. A steam pressure washer is the most powerful of the three as not only does it heat water, it uses heavy duty heating coils to do it giving it the ability to heat water as hot as 350°F. This type of cleaning unit is so powerful that it is the only one suitable for many heavy duty cleaning applications, having the ability to remove even the most stubborn stains, gum, grease, oil, and other types materials adhering to surfaces. The steam and liquid it ejects from its nozzle can practically and effectively dislodge any type of foreign material on an affected solid surface. Similar to hot water units, a steam unit also has disinfecting properties due to its use of high temperature.

The high temperatures involved in hot and steam pressure washers will require caution and safety as the temperature is high enough to cause burns in the skin. As with any type of pressure washers, the high pressure involved during their usage will adamantly require safety during operation.

If you are planning to consider buying a steam pressure washer, the first thing you will need to ask yourself is: Where will you be using the unit? Once you are certain that a steam unit is the ideal one for the cleaning tasks you have in mind, you now need to consider its type of power source, whether electric, gas, or gas-powered generator. If you plan on working on remote locations where an electrical outlet is not easily within reach, then you should opt for gas-powered units as these are operate via a combustion engine, which is the primary source of their power. However, if you will be using a steam unit on an indoor location, you need to reconsider using a gasoline-powered unit as the fumes coming from the combustion engine can be fatal if breathed in for prolonged periods. Then again if you will be using a steam pressure washer for outdoor applications, practically any steam pressure washer will do as long as it can generate enough cleaning pressure and temperature to accomplish the job.

Another issue that may arise from the use of gasoline-powered steam units is when you will be using them near eateries, clinics, or hospitals where strict health and safety regulations are enforced. Also, you need to make sure that the wand you will be using for your cleaning is capable of handling such temperatures that steam units are able to generate.

If you require units that are portable, you need to make sure that the one you will be purchasing is ready for trailer hitching. Although most industrial units are readily portable through trailer hitching, this does not necessarily apply to all. Make sure to check up with retailer or manufacturer of the unit first to ensure you that your unit of choice will be transportable should you require transporting it to a different location. In case the steam unit does not come with a trailer hitch, you can settle on renting a truck or trailer to help you haul your equipment. Although the final option may seem too obvious, there are times operators fail to recognize this as an option.

Another thing you may want to consider when buying a steam unit, especially for use on industrial applications would be the build or the construction of the equipment. The unit you choose should be solidly built to prevent any scenarios where there would be damage to your pricey equipment. If you plan on using your unit for simple residential and commercial uses, then a regular construction would be fine. However, if you will be using your unit for industrial applications, it is essential that the unit is made for heavy duty use with as few plastic parts as possible. Although the price of regular steam units may seem attractive, being the fact that they are much cheaper, choosing a heavy duty kind will benefit you greatly as they are more robust.

The last thing you may want to consider in a steam pressure washing unit would be the safety features equipped in the unit itself. Taking the fact that these units generate a great amount of temperature, it would be beneficial if the unit is equipped with an auto shut off valve should the unit sense any irregular swivels in the pressure washer gun. This will help to turn off the steam so as to avoid any potential injuries on the work area.

For maintenance, parts replacements, or in case your unit breaks, you may also want to consider the availability of replacement parts. If you are aiming for a long term investment, parts replacement should also be carefully considered. Although many replacement parts can now be purchased from the internet, the important factor you should consider is if they are readily available.