Cleaning Solutions for Pressure washers. Pressure washing is one of the convenient and most operational ways to eradicate grease, oil, dirt and salt that has been ground into concrete driveways and walkways. Pressure washing alone is enough to clean most of these surfaces but with the help of chemicals that acts as cleaning solution, pressure washing can be easier and even more effective.

There are several brands and types of cleaning solutions on the market today. The majority of the pressure washer chemicals, and various other chemicals are environmentally friendly and some of them achieve wonderful results and save time and money on labor. Pressure Washer approved cleaning options that are naturally degradable, harmless for humans and simple to use. Before buying any of these chemicals make sure it’s designed for use in a pressure washer or else don’t buy it.

Do not use chemicals that are not pressure washer approved. A non-approved cleaning chemical can be harmful for the environment and if used they can be damaging for the pressure washer components. Use only chemicals that are power washer approved and identify what best suited on the machine and don’t buy or use what are not approved to it.

Before starting a pressure washer job, give your water-soluble pressure washer solutions enough time to completely dissolve before starting the chemical injector. If the chemicals are dissolving fast enough, you may be able to dissolve the pressure washer chemical in warm water, depending on the chemicals you're using.


Below are some tips for an effective cleaning solution and how to maintain your Pressure washer as well.

Never use bleach based products as they damage your pressure washer’s pump parts and equipment. Bleach can damage the seals and o-rings in the gun, wand, hoses and pumps.  To prevent damage to the internal parts, never run bleach in the machine or use detergents not designated for use in pressure washers. Use only products made for pressure washer use and do not use household bleach to wash pressure parts and equipments.

Clean items with an accessory brush and apply detergent. Detergents and accessory brushes increase cleaning effectiveness while reducing cleaning time. Inquire what accessories and detergents are available for when purchasing a pressure washer. Detergents can only be run through pressure washers using a wide spray pattern. In addition, electric pressure washers require a low-pressure setting on the spray wand. Follow your machine's instructions for using detergents, diluting the detergent and if necessary hooking up a chemical injector.

Use Cleaning solution injection system with pressure washer. Most pressure washers have a cleaning solution injection system for such applications such as on-board detergent storage tanks for added convenience. If the machine is not equipped with the downstream chemical injection system you will have to use a standard sprayer. The chemical must be applied under low pressure so that the solution can adhere better to the surface being cleaned. This will allow the formula to react faster and remove the dirt immediately.

Inject the chemical cleaning solution into the washer. Before injecting the chemical solution, check the injector if it is malfunctioning or damaged.  Check all connections and hoses prior to operation before you put the cleaning solution. Once you have the cleaning solutions ready to go, check and make sure that the cleaning solution injection tube is securely attached to the pump and insert the other end into the cleaning solution. If your pressure washer has an on-board storage tank make sure the shut off valve is turned to the on position.

Apply the chemicals then the pressure washer will only siphon cleaning solutions when in low-pressure mode. So a low-pressure soup nozzle must be used. For added effectiveness a rotating scrub brush attachment can be used to apply cleaning solutions. On vertical surfaces always apply cleaning solutions from the bottom up to avoid streaks. Most solutions need to dwell 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing, re-wet as necessary; don’t let dry.

Rinse the Cleaning solution with high pressure. Switch to the high-pressure pattern that’s appropriate for your cleaning project because it is time to rinse the surface. If you’re using an on-board storage tank, turn the shut off valve to the off position. Make sure any remaining solution is flushed from the system. After that rinse the surface from the top down; this again reduces the chance of streaking. Even though most pressure washer cleaning solutions are bio degradable, always flush the surrounding is with plenty of clean water.

In using cleaning solutions for pressure washers, one must be careful and implement necessary precautions in order for the washers to stay for years. Pressure washers cleans and eliminates waste, dirt, grease and etc. As it eliminates these dirts, the dirt installed in them should be washed away as well. They should be clean and maintained to perform as its best condition when you are using them. Use cleaning solutions to make your life smarter, better, faster and wiser.