Many homeowners who are packed with busy lifestyles cannot attend to some household chores.  Their time is often consumed by work as well as the everyday chore that comes with being a homeowner.  If a homeowner has kids, then their time for other types of household chores is further pushed back to when they possibly will find the time.  Such chores will include cleaning the exterior of the home, cleaning the roof, cleaning the fence, and cleaning the gutters.  These cleaning chores are often left aside because cleaning the interior is usually more important.  If you have a home whose exterior has not been cleaned for several years, its walls will probably be littered with thick dust that can be hard to remove.  Since the exterior is also subjected to the elements, the walls may also have molds, pollen, spider webs, or even wasp nest.  Such cleaning chore, if you will be using brushes, scrapers, and a bucket of soapy water, will often require a whole day of back-breaking work.  This often turns off homeowners as they would prefer to use their time with their kids, friends, or towards something more fruitful.

On the other hand, if you have a pressure washer, it will simply make mince-meat out of this cleaning chore.  This is because the pressure washer is the best cleaning equipment known to man that uses high pressures of water to penetrate and lift stubborn dirt, stains, and other rubbish that clings on to walls.  You can remove those spider webs, pollen, molds, and wasps nest without lifting a brush and a scraper.  The best part about using a pressure washer is that cleaning is not only faster and easier, but also safer.  Cleaning the exterior of your home has never been easier, thus giving your home the facelift that it needs.

Cleaning your home is actually a great weekend project.  There was a time that only cleaning companies had such tools.  Nowadays, you can either own a pressure washer or rent one.  A pressure washer can be rented for under $50, or if you want, you can buy one for a little over $100.  A pressure washer unit basically has a motor and a water pump.  The combination of the two allows the unit to accelerate water at high speeds which can be very effective for cleaning dirty surfaces.  However, before buying or renting a unit, you need to be aware that different types of pressure washers deliver different cleaning power.  It is important that you get the right power suitable for your cleaning requirements.  Otherwise, if the cleaning power is too low, it will take a lot of time to accomplish your cleaning task.  On the other hand, if the cleaning power is too high, you may damage the surface you are trying to clean.

Before cleaning your home’s exterior, you first need to assess the condition and the material that have been used in the construction of your home.  Concrete, wood sidings, brick, and steel will greatly benefit from the cleaning power of the pressure washer.  However, if the material is made from Masonite or other hardboard material, it is important to abandon any pressure washing intent as the highly pressurized water coming from the unit will only damage the material.  A regular garden hose, some bleach along with elbow grease will do the trick.  On the other hand, if the paint on the material is chipping or peeling, regardless of material, you should discontinue the intent of using a pressure washer as the pressurized water will further peel off the paint.  In addition, if the material underneath is made of wood, subjecting it to water will only make the wood swell.

When cleaning the exterior of your home with a pressure washer, there are certain tips you may want to know to help you accomplish your cleaning task more efficiently and in less time. One of these would be to always start from the top when cleaning surfaces.  Since water will trickle down due to gravity, once the top is clean, no dirty water will contaminate and dirty that area.  Using a cleaning solution also helps.  This can be used through a dispenser attachment to the pressure washer.  Just make sure you don’t allow any solution to dry on your wall as this can damage the paint.  Once you are done applying the solution, wait at least three minutes before rinsing it off.  When rinsing the solution, it is advised to use the green nozzle (25° spray) as this has balance between power and coverage area.

When washing any part of your home, make sure to keep the distance of the nozzle from the surface you are cleaning by at least 2 feet.  This way, you will lessen the power of the spray so you do not accidentally strip off the paint of the wall.  It is also important to keep the highly pressurized spray away from any mortar joints and seams.  Instead, try to spray these from a distance you that you will still be able to clean them.  Be wary though of narrow sized nozzles as these have a more concentrated spray.  It is more ideal to use the green (25° spray) or yellow (15° spray) nozzle as they offer both power and area coverage.  For rinsing, you may want to use white nozzle (40° spray) as this will offer the best coverage but lesser power.

If you need to clean any gutter, you may want to rent or invest in a gutter cleaning nozzle as well as a telescoping wand.  The gutter cleaner is a specialized attachment that is specifically made for cleaning gutters.  It has a J-shaped nozzle so you can easily reach the inside of the gutter even from the outside.  The pressurized water will then be directed inside the gutter and push away the leaves and debris trapped inside it.  The telescoping wand on the other hand is a wand that extends up to 24 feet in length so you can reach elevated areas from the safety of the ground.

With the help of a pressure washer, in just an afternoon, you will be able to give your home the facelift that it needs, without hardly breaking any sweat.