High pressure cleaners are basically washers that use cold water to create a high-powered stream of water to aid in tough cleaning jobs

The unit is simply connected to a water source, such as a pail of water that is constantly being refilled by a running faucet, a swimming pool, etc. to which it sucks up water, pressurize it, and expel it at high velocity on the other end of the nozzle. High pressure cleaners are ideal for removing stubborn dirt, mud, and grime. In fact, this method of cleaning has many types of applications on residential, commercial, and even industrial settings.

Most high pressure cleaners are portable and have wheels to assist in mobility – perfect for use around the home, especially when you will be cleaning all four sides. Cleaners are either gasoline-powered or electric-powered. Gasoline-powered cleaners can produce more power and pressure than their electric counterparts and are suitable for extreme cleaning. The only downside to gasoline-powered cleaners is that they can only be used outdoors as the fumes created by the engine can create carbon monoxide gas. A toxic, odorless and colorless gas that is lethal when exposed to for quite some time.

High pressure cleaners have different nozzle attachments. There are nozzles that create a triangular shape so it can cover more space, and there are others that create a jet of water in a straight line for more exact cleaning. There are even nozzles that are specialized where it can mix soap with the jet of water to create a foamy stream.

These days, high pressure cleaners have become essential as they are ideally suited for many cleaning situations, from lighter residential cleaning to heavy industrial cleaning. One of the important aspects that need careful considerations with pressure washers though is the capacity of the pressure it can generate. This characteristic can be determined through a cleaner’s PSI value which is often indicated in the unit. Light cleaning tasks require only up to 2,200 PSI, while hard cleaning may require up to about 3,000 PSI. Industrial usage on the other hand may require a PSI of 3,500 or greater.

The best thing about pressure cleaners is that they are able to save a lot of time on cleaning jobs because their cleaning ability can cut down work time tremendously. High pressure cleaners are without doubt a very effective and economical way of cleaning. The bonus part perhaps is that since they don’t use any chemicals for cleaning, they are also environmentally friendly.