Pressure Washer - Choosing the Right Nozzles

Pressure washers are very handy when it comes to accomplishing a lot of cleaning chores. They are very effective when it comes to removing hardened dirt, mud, and stains on solid surfaces. Their changeable nozzles and tips also allow you to customize the spray of water according to your cleaning needs. Having a variety of nozzles and tips is essential when you have a pressure washer unit as not all nozzles and tips can be used to accomplish different cleaning tasks. There are some that are highly suitable for certain tasks and there some that are suited for others. This makes it ideal to learn what a specific pressure washer nozzle and tip is designed for to maximize its potential.

There are basically 2 types of nozzles styles – the two piece gun or wand and the large electric gun and wand. The two piece gun or wands are typically found on smaller units, while large electric gun and wand are made for larger commercial units. Once you have determined the type of nozzle your unit uses, you need to determine its size. This can be accomplished by identifying the power of the unit or by the style of the gun or wand.

There are a good variety of pressure washer tips and many of them are specialized for certain cleaning tasks. It is best to figure them out by trying them on certain cleaning tasks. There are also some that are easily identifiable because of their name.

Interchangeable Tips – these tips have a quick-release lock so you can easily change into the tip that suits your cleaning task. The best part about them is that as an operator of the unit, you are able to adjust the angle of the spray accordingly.

Chemical Injectors – these tips gives you control on how much cleaning solution you want to be used throughout a job. It allows you to spray the cleaning chemicals only when necessary and avoid wasting it by continuously spraying the whole time the washer is on.

Rotating Tips – the advantage of using rotating tips is that their rotating action acts like a scrubbing action which allows them to clean more effectively. The rotation of the nozzles occurs due to the high pressure being forced out a loose outer shell.

Cleaning hard to remove dirt has never been easy thanks to pressure washers. In fact, using the right nozzle and tip will actually make the cleaning tasks even a lot easier. This makes it important to know which type of tip or nozzle is suitable for your cleaning task not just to make cleaning easier, but also finish it in a lot less time.