Pressure washers are considered by many as the best cleaning equipment ever invented

It provides the capacity to clean stubborn dirt and stains efficiently and in less time.  Many homeowners and business owners utilize pressure washers in cleaning much stuff, such as the car, garage, deck, and patios for home and the parking area, pavement, driveway, and walls for businesses.  The truth is the uses of pressure washers are a lot more aside from the common tasks that were mentioned as you can use them for cleaning the ducts of your home or business, or the awnings of your business.


Duct Cleaning

One of the most overlooked part when cleaning the home or office are the ducts.  Why they are being overlooked is likely due to the fact that they seem to be in good working condition which is why it does not necessitate to even bother opening them up.  In fact, many will try not to bother with them as cleaning them can be very frustrating as it not only takes up a lot of time, but also many parts of the duct system are not easily accessible or even visible at all.

It is important to know that duct cleaning is very important as failure to do it regularly will result in accumulation of dust and dirt that will make it difficult for your HVAC system to deliver air properly which may result in the breakdown of your HVAC unit.  Another aspect of cleaning the ducting system regularly is to avoid health hazards that can be present in the air.  This is because if the ducts are not cleaned regularly, there is a high chance that there will be buildup of microbiological molds and mildew that not only can result in corrosion, but the spores they create can be hazardous to those who breathe it.

The cleaning of the ducting system is particularly important for restaurant operations as many contaminants such as dust, oil, paper and vapors are abundant.  Although their duct system is designed to capture smoke and not for air delivery, if they are not cleaned regularly, the accumulated dirt, dust, and grime may choke the system.  In fact, this could particularly be dangerous if this heats up or get ignited.

The best method in cleaning ducting systems is by using a pressure washer and a duct cleaner accessory.  Duct cleaner accessories come in different sizes to accommodate different sized ducts, including specific portions such as horizontal and vertical.  A typical duct cleaner will have around 2 spray nozzles and is able to rotate at high RPM so it can clean the entire inside part of the duct.  Horizontal duct cleaners have side frames mounted to casters which helps to prevent them from bouncing off the walls of the duct during operation.


Cleaning Awnings

If you are a business owner, none can be more inviting to your customers as the awnings that lead to the entrance of your business (considering your business is near the street and not inside a building).  The truth is awnings are not just limited to the entrance of buildings as they can also be used on windows, decks, patios, walkways, and many more.  Regardless of where they are used, awnings help to provide warmth and character to a place, and they also help to keep the sun and the rain out.

Clean awnings look beautiful and neat while dirty awnings looks very unattractive, dull, shabby and old.  There are many factors that can lead to dirty awnings, such as rain, leaves, bird droppings, grease, soot, and twigs and all these can lead to the deterioration of the awning if left there for prolonged periods.  New awnings are often made of vinyl and plastic and they are made to last many years.  If these awnings are well maintained and properly cleaned, they can look new for many years to come.

The truth is cleaning awnings is not such an easy task as you need to clean both the topside as well as the underside.  You may think that cleaning it with a high-powered gasoline pressure washer will help to ease your task, but you should also know and try to consider that awnings should be cleaned quite gently.  This does not mean you cannot use a pressure washer to clean it.  However, you need to use a more appropriate one.  A low-powered 500 PSI electric pressure washer is usually highly suited for this task. Then again, if you have a unit that has a pressure regulator, you can use it to clean your awnings.  Just make sure to tune it to around 500 PSI only.  You don’t need industrial strength for this cleaning task as too much power might damage the awnings you are trying to clean.

Before cleaning the awnings, make sure to try to check if there are any birds, bees, spiders, or wasps that have made their nest on the underside corners of the awnings.

An attachment that is highly recommended when cleaning awnings is the telescoping wand.  This accessory can extend up to 24 feet and will allow you to reach hard-to-reach elevated areas without having to use ladders or scaffolds which could potentially lead to accidents.  Instead, with this accessory, your feet are firmly planted on the floor, thus providing you with enough balance for stability.  If there are any intricate angles that need to be cleaned, you can use an angle flex wand to be able to reach those tight spots.

The powerful spray of the pressure washer will usually be enough to accomplish you awning cleaning task.  Make sure to use a wide spray nozzle, often colored white, which has a 40° angles spray first so as not to put too much force on the plastic or vinyl.  Be sure to continuously move the spray back and forth.  This will not only allow you to clean more efficiently, but it will also allow you to monitor if you are doing any damage to the awning from the pressurized jets of water it is being exposed to.