Power pressure washers have become more and more popular among homeowners because these products have become more affordable

People used to buy power pressure washers for their businesses. These days however, most power pressure washer purchases are for household use. This is because many homeowners have discovered the cleaning power that pressure washer’s offer, which is why they decided to get one for their homes.

Power pressure washers are very handy when it comes to cleaning tough dirt and grime. It also makes it easier to clean the muck out of your barbeque grill or your concrete pavement, driveway, and walls. In fact, you can use these pressure washers to clean your patio, lawn furniture, lawn mowers, fountains, pools, and even your windows. Power pressure washers truly have many cleaning applications.

There are basically two kinds of power pressure washers - power pressure washers that run on gasoline and power pressure washers that run on electricity.

Electric pressure washers run on, well, electricity. They cannot generate the amount of pressure the way gasoline pressure washers do. Despite that, many people prefer electric pressure washers because they are much quieter and can be used even on indoor environments. The reason why gasoline-powered pressure washers cannot be used indoors is because the fumes that the combustion engine generates, specifically the carbon monoxide, is a colorless odorless gas can be lethal if exposed to it for quite some time.

Gasoline-powered pressure washers are powered by small combustion engines similar to those found on lawnmowers. This allows them to obtain more pressure as compared with their electric brethren. Most gasoline pressure washers are powered up using a recoil starter. Since they are able to generate more power, they are mostly used for commercial and industrial purposes.

Power pressure washers are rated upon two key performance figures, mainly the PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) which is the maximum pressure it can generate and the GPM (Gallons per Minute) which is the amount of water it can expel per minute. Having a high number on both aspects can deliver a considerable amount of cleaning power. Pressure washers that are for residential use will cough up about 1,000 PSI to around 2,000 PSI with 2 to GPM.

Power pressure washers come with interchangeable tips, allowing you to use the machine for different cleaning tasks. This gives you the ability to use it for light washing spray to more powerful cleaning stream. There are even nozzles that can introduce soap to the spray for more effective cleaning.