pressure washer best featuresCleaning is one of the things that consumes a lot of your time, and what makes it even more undesirable to be responsible of such task is because it is definitely not enjoyable at all to do. It is tiring and exhausting at the same time. Since living in a clean and tidy place is what all homeowners want, then of course no one has a choice of not doing the cleaning job and leaving your messy area as it is. However through technology, cleaning can now be fun than the usual, with a pressure washer best features, cleaning then would be so much easier and faster.

Pressure Washers are machines used to dissolve hard to get stains and dirt in no time without even messing your hands unlike the old methods of cleaning. These are mechanical sprayers with tough pressure washing effect which can easily remove molds, concrete surfaces dirt and even loose paint. Its water volume can be determined through gallons or liters per minute. This machine is for no question very functional and useful to all homeowners and even to those business owners!

Pressure Washer Cleaners has the ability of surprising its users with its speedy and impressive results. Such machine has competitive performance on its usual cleaning usage, such as cleaning cars, backyards, driveways and any other outdoor items. No matter how tough the cleaning job is, just leave it to your pressure washer and it’ll do the work for you with just a press of a button. Super easy to use yet offers huge amount of help to your cleaning tasks.pressure washer best features

How Pressure Washer Works?

This machine is run by a motor and works with an air compressor and a garden hose. Its motor powers the air intake system of the machine which creates the air pressure to the built-in tank. The hooked up hose gets all the water from the tank forcing it out to the spray wand (similar to pressure guns mostly used on car washing) which then releases both the strong pressure of water and air that enables effective cleaning.

 The higher the water pressure is, the better cleaning it provides. Both kinds of washer cleaners require enough and uninterrupted supply of water in order to work well. A pressure range of 1,300 up to 2,400 psi is usually what this cleaner can provide. Moreover, such machine has similarities to garden hose nozzle which is capable of increasing the speed of the water flow, but what makes it even grander is that, it has the power to create its own velocity and pressure.

 The Pressure Washer Cleaner’s nozzles can be upgraded for any particular desired use:

-          Fan pattern nozzles (the water jet can be ejected in a triangular plane)

-          Cone pattern nozzles (emits a thin jet of water which spirals around)

 There are Pressure Washers which allows the addition of detergent powder through the water steam for a more powerful cleaning. Injectors are being attached to the machine for this to be possible. The types of injectors are as follows:

-          Downstream injector/ High-pressure injector - releases the chemical whenever water leaves the pump.

-          Upstream injector/ Low-pressure injector – releases the chemical before water enters the pump.

Just like any other machines, pressure washers are also of different kinds. There are ones powered by electric motors and the other kind is with gas engines.

Kinds of Pressure Washer

Electric-powered Pressure Washer -This type of washer provides 1,300 up to 1,400 psi which is best used for light cleaning. This machine has less noise when used, much lighter and cheaper than the other type. This type of washer is most definitely recommended for house use since it is more on light cleaning situations. The machine is more portable than Gas-powered Washers, therefore it is best use on cleaning cars, bikes, garage floors and grills.

Gas-powered Pressure Washer – This type of washer is more of a heavy-duty type. It requires much more water, which is why it provides higher water pressure than the electric-powered one, it can provide more than 3,000 psi making it more ideal for heavy cleaning. This type of Washer Pressure is most certainly recommended for bigger establishments.Therefore, use this machine for wall painting preparation (cleaning the sidings), concrete cleaning, cleaning hard to remove stains from wood decks and stone walls.

Even though this machine is user-friendly and easy-to-use, it still requires its users to be well-informed with how it works before the actual operation. The knowledge of using the right type of gasoline for gas-powered washers and the suitable circuit with the right power voltage for the electric-powered washers must be considered at all times, including the machine’s cleaning maintenance. In order to keep pressure washer’s longer lifespan, thorough care and proper handling of the item must be observed throughout the whole usage.