A Quick Guide to Buying Pressure Washer Chemicals

A pressure washer is great to have because it can help tremendously with many of the cleaning tasks you have at home.  This not only saves you lots of time, but it also takes very little effort to accomplish the cleaning task.  If you plan on maximizing the use of your pressure washer, you should try to invest on pressure washer attachments, accessories, and chemicals.  Using chemicals alongside the cleaning power of your unit can be great.  However, you need to be wary of the chemicals you use, whether they are compatible with your unit, as these chemicals have the potential to destroy your unit from within.

The most important thing to remember when purchasing pressure washer chemicals is to buy only those that have been approved for commercial and residential use, and that they are safe to be used with your pressure washer unit.  If you purchase a non-approved type of cleaning agent, there is a high chance that the solution is not environmentally friendly and has the capacity to damage or even destroy your unit’s seals, o-rings, hoses, gun, and pump.  Commercially-approved chemicals and solutions are usually biodegradable and are perfectly safe to use.

Below are some of the most popular pressure washer cleaning chemicals available on the market today:

1. All-Purpose Cleaners – These are formulated to get rid of all types of dirt, grease, grit and soap scum. They are non-butyl, non-caustic, low-foaming all purpose-cleaners which are very safe to use on most buildings, decks, vehicles, fences and other painted surfaces.

2. Detergent Mix Kits – These are very easy to use and the most inexpensive cleaning chemicals for pressure washers. Professionals use concentrated detergent mix kits because they are very effective to use with pressure washers in almost any type of cleaning job.

3. Aluminum Brighteners – They are created to take care of the toughest cleaning jobs there is. They are non-fuming, concentrated, acid-based detergents that have extra wetting that aids in cleaning and restoring oxidized aluminum.

4. Vehicle Cleaners – A vehicle cleaner is your best bet when cleaning vehicle engines, smoke trails, etc. They are also great for treating polished aluminum because it also contains a wax for an attractive finish and it keeps dirt from adhering as well.

5. Degreasers – The most commonly used for greasy jobs is the degreaser. It is designed to treat painted surfaces and metals such as that of on engines and vehicles. They are also very good at cleaning up severe cases of soap scum and mildew problems.