There is hardly anyone, especially those that have used it, will doubt the cleaning power and efficiency of the pressure washer.  It is the cleaning equipment that many industries and businesses find indispensable as it will take a lot of energy and man-hours for them to clean the same space without them.  With such cleaning efficiency, there is no way that residences will not be able to notice it.  In fact, manufacturers are even pushing the use of pressure washers for residential use by making small and affordable units made for light-duty use around the home.  Residences who have them find them hard to do without, especially when it comes to cleaning cars, driveways, walls, patios, deck, fences, and many more.  However, in order to enjoy this cleaning prowess of the equipment, you need to properly maintain the unit.  Not only will this prolong the life of the equipment, but it will also keep it in peak working condition.

There are actually several guidelines to follow when it comes to pressure washer maintenance and many of these are printed in the manual that came with the unit.  In case you have failed to read that part or have lost the manual by chance, the maintenance involved with the pressure washing unit is actually for preventive maintenance and it basically involves cleaning the unit and its accessories after every use.  While this may sound tedious, if you analyze it carefully, it does make sense.  Another helpful preventive maintenance for your pressure washer unit would be to store it properly, especially if it would not be used for a prolonged period.  Storing the unit properly will help to keep it in good condition.

Keeping each parts and accessories of the unit clean will help to maintain its good condition.  One of the accessories that need to be cleaned after each use would be the pressure washer nozzles.  These nozzles are responsible for generating the fan spray so you can either concentrated the jet stream of water in just one area or spread it to cover more.  The reason it needs to be regularly cleaned is because if the nozzle gets clogged, you will not be able to get the intended spray which in turn will cost you far more time to get your cleaning task done.  Another important part of the pressure washer that needs regular checks would be the O-rings.  Although these O-rings do not look much, they are responsible in preventing any leaks between each connection.  Keeping the O-rings free from any debris will help ensure that the connection is tight and secure.  If an O-ring is worn, it needs to be replaced immediately in order to prevent large leaks or even equipment failure.

Checking the pressure washer gun is also an important maintenance check.  Before operation, depress the trigger and release it.  Doing this several time will help you determine if there are any problems with the trigger of the gun.  This is because if the trigger does not spring back, there is a problem with the gun which needs immediate attention.  The solution to this would be either to fix or replace the gun.  However, it is more recommended replacing it rather than repairing it as repairing it may not last as long as a new one.  A leaking gun is also another sign of problem which needs to be addressed immediately.

The power of a pressure washer is generated through its motor and pump.  If the motor is electric, then it requires very little maintenance.  However, if it is a combustion engine, then you need check the oil regularly and make oil changes after 50 hours of usage.  Change the oil filter as well when you change oil.  Cleaning the air filter of a gas-powered pressure washer will also help.  Doing all of these will help ensure that the machine runs smoothly for a long time without losing any power it has when it was new.

The truth is, having a pressure washer at home is very handy because it can aid in many cleaning tasks such as removing stubborn stains and dirt on solid surfaces.  It can be used in cleaning any type of setting such as driveways, cars, boats, patios, pools and many more.  Heavy-duty industrial pressure washer models are more capable of doing a huge array of cleaning tasks such as cleaning agricultural equipments, entire fleets of vehicles, dumpsters and even parking areas.  As a matter of fact, pressure washers can do just about almost any type of cleaning job.  However, people need to be aware of the fact that while these pressure washers are great for cleaning tasks, they can become potentially dangerous especially when the high pressure of water comes into contact with the user or other people around.  Therefore, extreme caution must be exercised at all times whenever operating a pressure washer.

Below are some safety measures that you must follow whenever using a pressure washer:

Wear the Appropriate Safety Equipment – when handling a pressure washer, always make sure that you are wearing that appropriate type of safety equipment.  Such safety equipment includes safety goggles, rain suit, heavy duty gloves, and maybe even ear muffs.  The safety goggles and heavy duty gloves will help protect your eyes and hands from any debris that might be blown off by the high pressure of water, while the rain suit will keep your body dry, and the ear muffs will help protect your ears from too much loud noise that gas-powered pressure washers inevitably emit.   You can also choose to wear rubber boots which are non slip as these will help you in maintaining your balance and the grip you require especially when you are utilizing detergents as an additional cleaning agent while you are doing some pressure washing tasks.

Know Where to Properly Point the Stream – the high water pressure that pressure washers give off can prove to be very dangerous if not controlled properly.  Ensure that you never point the stream of water onto any living thing because it can really peel the skin off or even seriously hurt them.  Furthermore, never ever point the stream on cars or glass unless you are sure that you currently have the right pressure setting or attachment that is truly intended for cleaning them because there are times that seemingly harmless high pressure of water can still be strong enough to peel off paint or even break glass.

Pressure washers are indeed very helpful when it comes to tough cleaning jobs, but of course, they can also become very dangerous equipments when not handled properly.  Even if you are very familiar with using a pressure washer for a long time and have used it numerous times without any accidents occurring, it is still wise to be never complacent and always exercise caution and safety.