Pressure Washers - Buying Tips

Pressure washers are known to be powerful cleaning machines that utilize highly pressurized water to clean surfaces such as wood, cement, concrete and even glass. Pressure washers are very suitable for commercial as well as industrial environments, where tough stains and dirt are commonly present every day.

If you have decided to buy your very own pressure washer, the first thing to consider is what your cleaning requirements are. What kind of environment would you use the pressure washer for – is it for your home, your business (commercial) or for a food processing company (industrial)? Also, how much power would you need?

Pressure washers have different pressure levels, flow rates and temperature levels, which in turn provide different variations in power. The higher the temperature, flow rate and pressure level, the more effective a pressure washer is when it comes to removing even the toughest grease and grime. However, in some commercial settings, you can just opt to buy a cold-water or hot-water pressure washer, as these types normally do the job well even if they only have moderate pressure levels and flow rates.

A few years ago, you can only choose from either a hot or cold-water type pressure washer. However, nowadays, pressure washers come with not only two, but three temperature options – cold water, hot water, and a combination of the two – which leads to steam. With the triple-function pressure washer, you can perform wet-steam cleaning in addition to cold and hot water pressure cleaning.

Cold water normally removes many stains, but steam and hot water pressure washers can loosen stains faster, which saves you more time in cleaning. In industrial settings where greasy stains and heavy-duty grime are plentiful, pressure washers are utilized to generate wet steam that can reach extremely high temperatures ranging from 300 to 330 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another option that is added for pressure washers used in the industrial setting is known as chemical infusion control, which increases the machine’s cleaning power. With this feature, you can add cleaning chemicals in the pressure washer to make your cleaning more effective and faster.

There are many varieties of heating and power configurations available in a pressure washer machine. You can choose from either propane, electric or gas-powered pressure washers.

If your pressure washer is meant for portable purposes, it is best to choose one that is powered by propane or gas. This is actually practical and sensible as you can use your pressure washer even in remote areas which are normally far from electrical sources. Do keep in mind that these types, however, produce exhaust and are typically not used indoors.

For indoor or household use, an electric-powered pressure washer is the right one to buy. These do not produce exhaust and they are usually not noisy when in use. However, they only need to be close to an electrical outlet.

Last but not least, you should consider the power-flow combination when buying a pressure washer. High flow rate pressure washers give out sufficient water to effectively remove stains and dirt from surfaces faster, but, do keep in mind that these can damage delicate surfaces.

Mentioned above are the things you should know when buying a pressure washer. There are pressure washers which are intended specifically for the home, commercial or industrial settings, so it is best to choose wisely or you could even ask a professional to help you choose which type, model and brand is the best for you.