Lately, there are many people who have gotten the interest of roof washing and they often ask how they can clean or remove those black streak stains on their roofs.  These stains are actually molds and algae and their presence significantly affects the overall look of any home.  Since these stains are actually very hard to remove, people back then opted to replace their roofs all for the sake of maintaining the aesthetics of their home even though the roof is still very much physically capable doing its intended purpose, just not in the aesthetic sense.  In fact, it has been estimated that more than 50% of roof replacement was mainly due to roof stains and not because they are no longer structurally fit.

The truth is these types of stains are impossible to remove without the aid of cleaning chemicals.  Caustics are not only inexpensive, but they are also very effective in killing molds.  The first method would be to wet the roof first, then apply the cleaning solution such as Roof Kleen using chemical injector of the pressure washer, allow the chemical to set and do its work, and finally after about 10-15 minutes begin pressure washing it.

Walking on the roof can be very dangerous and will require the crew to wear special gears to protect them from falling.  Cleaners are often very slippery and this is what usually makes them effective.  Accidentally stepping on any applied portion can be very dangerous which is why cleaning crews should wear body harnesses should they accidentally slip from the solutions and protect them from bodily harm.  Aside from body harnesses, chicken ladders are often utilized to help the cleaning crew move around the roof area.

In the past, they had two ways of cleaning these stains.  The first technique was to wet the area, after that scrub the area with a soft brush, then pressure wash it.  The second technique was to use surface cleaners.  This was by far safer as the operator was safely perched on the top of the roof and from there lowers and raises the surface cleaner over the stained portion using a rope.

These days though, operators have come up with yet another two techniques to help them during their roof washing jobs.  They not only made roof cleaning simpler and safer, but also profitable.  The first of the two new techniques is to dispense a bleach-based cleaner onto the roof from the ground using telescoping wands.  This cleaner is exceptionally strong which is why utmost care should be observed when dispensing so as to prevent spraying it on other surfaces.  With good practice, you develop good dispensing technique quickly.  Such cleaning job usually requires less than an hour to finish.  The second of these techniques still requires some walking on the roof, but certain unique anchors helps to make the job safer.  A strong bleach-based cleaner is then applied on the stained portion.  Since you are on the roof this time, there is not much worry about the strong bleach hitting other surfaces.

Once the stained portion of the roof has been thoroughly cleaned, cleaning companies sometimes offer customers additional services such as roof treatment with Bio Barrier, a unique formulation which prevents new spores from adhering to the newly cleaned roof.  Another service would be gutter cleaning both on the inside and out.  The inside of the gutter will be scooped and rinsed free of any debris while the outside surface will be treated with Gutter Zap.

Offering Additional Services

The additional services you offer should always be related to the cleaning task you recently performed.  For example, if you did a roof washing service for your customer, then you can offer a roof treatment and gutter cleaning service.  You can’t offer to seal their decks when you haven’t cleaned them in the first place.  But you can offer to clean their deck and negotiate then once you have an agreement.

In the cleaning business, it is not ideal to concentrate on several services only.  If possible, it is best to cover a wide range of cleaning service.  Don’t concentrate on just household cleaning alone, try to offer commercial and industrial cleaning services as well. This way, you crew spend less idle time while generating more profit for your company.  In this business, you will find two distinct customers, one that prefers very little cost and one that prefers the best overall work with lots of upgrade in the service.

One of the more profitable jobs for pressure washing companies is the cleaning of decks.  If you do this kind of job, it is almost more likely that you also seal them.  Once the job is done and you have the homeowner check your work if it’s all satisfactory and if it’s a yes, do you go home immediately or consider offering additional services to the homeowner such as the washing of their fence, walkways, driveways, or even the exterior wall of their home?  During such time, you need to be swift in looking around for potential services you can offer.  If it’s a no, then no harm done asking.  But if it’s a yes, then you potentially generate revenue for your company.  This is why the more services your company can offer, the better it will be for your company in terms of profit.

Since the cleaning of decks in certain geographic locations is only seasonal, adding services that may suit the season is also a good idea.  For example, during winter seasons, many houses use their fireplaces to help warm up their homes.  You can offer jobs such as chimney sweeping, or even plain old snow plowing just to fill in certain seasonal gaps in your business.

In the cleaning business, oftentimes you need to be imaginative in knowing what services to offer.  The truth is there is no limit to the amount of services you can offer as long as your customers are willing to cover your asking price.  Just don’t be too stingy at times when they ask for discounts should they avail for additional services.