The invention of pressure washers has made demanding cleaning tasks much easier to bear.  These days, more and more people are utilizing the cleaning power of pressure washers for their difficult cleaning tasks as it not only helps them to accomplish it more efficiently, but that it also takes significantly less time to do it.

There is no doubt that the most powerful cleaning equipments available in the market are pressure washers.  Pressure washers come in a variety of brand and models and all of them come with or have aftermarket accessories that can help make cleaning even faster.  This would include different nozzles, extending wands, and longer hoses.

There are basically three types of pressure washer – cold water pressure washers, hot water pressure washers, and steam pressure washers.  There is also a hybrid type of pressure washer that can do the three types.  Pressure washers can be powered by either electric or gasoline and each has its own advantage and disadvantage towards the other.  They also come in three grades – residential grade, commercial grade, and industrial grade pressure washers.

Who use pressure washers anyway?

  • Homeowners – they use pressure washers for light cleaning duties such as washing cars, walls, fences, driveways, and many other surfaces found around the home.
  • Cleaning Services – these are professional businesses that use their pressure washer units for different cleaning activities based upon the request of their clients.  This means they require a more durable and heavy duty type of pressure washer that can withstand abuse and prolonged usage.
  • Commercial and Industrial Sectors – many of them involves demanding cleaning tasks which is why they require the best and most powerful pressure washer units available.

Maximizing Performance

Technology is the key factor that has led to the improvement and efficiency of pressure washer units.  The groundbreaking technologies that are present in today’s pressure washers are the tri mode feature and the automatic shut-off technology.  Indeed, technology and pressure washers have come a long way.

Tri-mode Feature – most pressure washers can provide the type of output it was made for, whether cold water, hot water or steam.  However, the tri-mode pressure washer is a hybrid that can deliver the three types of output which can be chosen by the operator accordingly.  Since different cleaning tasks require different temperature options, the tri-mode type pressure washer is definitely a technological breakthrough as it allows you to actively select which mode you want.  Since cold water is mostly used for light cleaning tasks and hot water and steam are used for more demanding cleaning tasks, having the ability to choose the temperature output in a single machine will not only save you time, but will enable you to clean more efficiently.

Automatic Shut-off Technology – this technology is perfect when cleaning large areas.  Generally, when cleaning a large room, using a long hose is beneficial so you can reach areas without having to drag the pressure unit along.  However, since operators sometimes need to replace nozzles, remove items or do something in an area, they often leave the unit running.  This will likely incur damage to the pump when the unloader valve keeps running for a long time.  Thanks to the automatic shut-off valve, this is no longer a concern as the unit will automatically turn off when it does not detect any output from the operator for more than 30 seconds.

Achieving Cleaning Power

There are many variables that lead to the overall cleaning power of each pressure washer unit.  Although they may not seem to be significant, these factors are actually what owners sometimes choose in their unit.  In fact, with the following variables, choosing one or the other will have great effects on the power of the unit.

  1. Weight – lightweight pressure washers are often powered by electric.  This is likely because of the absence of a fuel tank.  When it comes to power, size for size, a gas engine can deliver more power than an electric motor.
  2. Noise – choosing a low noise level pressure washer means you will be choosing an electric unit.  Nevertheless, these pressure washers are ideal the noise it generates must be carefully considered, such as on hospitals, hotels, and nursing homes.  In addition, a low noise level pressure washer is ideal to use on enclosed spaces.
  3. Exhaust – although an electric unit does not generate as much power as a gas unit, it also does not emit any exhausts.  This means it can be used on indoor cleaning applications and poorly ventilated areas without worrying about carbon monoxide poisoning.
  4. Mobility – when it comes to mobility, gasoline-powered pressure washer units beats electric-powered pressure washer units, hands down.  Although electric units are lighter, they are still limited to the fact that they need to be connected to an electrical outlet.  This limits their range to the length of the extension cord plugged into the nearest electrical outlet.  Gas units on the other hand can be used on remote locations without any limitations.  This means they can be used on construction areas, farms, camps, etc., without worrying about needing to connect them to the grid.
  5. Ease of Maintenance – electric pressure washers are by far the easiest to maintain.  Since there is no motor to change oil, oil filter to change, air filter to clean, and cleaning spilled fuel, making sure to clean the unit after each use is practically all you need to do with an electric unit.  Except of course when changing the oil of the water pump.
  6. Ease of Use – the best part in using an electric unit is that it has a switch that you need to flick on the unit in order to power it.  With a gas unit, particularly those without ignition switches or electric starters, you need to manually power it by pulling the pull cord, which, at times, can be a back-breaking work if the unit does not want to start up.

Regardless of the factors you take into consideration in choosing your pressure washer, it is important to remember that a pressure washer is not a cheap investment.  You need to take care of it and maintain it properly so that it lasts a long time and works at optimum performance each time.