The Power of Pressure Washers

Everybody is aware that outdoor cleaning tasks are not easy.  It is both time consuming and hard work which is why you could hardly accomplish much in one cleaning day.  For example, if your car has leaked some of its oil on the floor of your garage and you will try to remove this just by using a brush, soap and water.  You will definitely have your work cut out for you as you will be exerting a lot of effort and consuming a lot of your time, but still at the end of the day, you may not accomplish much as there will still be oil stains on the floor.

The truth is there are many cleaning tasks that often take much of our time, such as cleaning our cars, deck, fence, patio, or even just the barbeque grill.  These cleaning tasks require a bit of hard labor and will take much of your precious time.  However, if you have a pressure washer, these cleaning tasks will be accomplished easily, efficiently, and in hardly no time at all.  This is perhaps the very reason why many households are investing on pressure washers because they have learned about their cleaning power and efficiency.  Although it is not a cheap investment, it does pay off as you no long have to work ridiculously long and hard just trying to remove some dirt off of a surface.  With a pressure washer, you simply point the stream of water to the area you want to clean and allow the pressurized water to do its magic.  Since you are no longer doing manual cleaning, you will be able to fulfill your cleaning task much faster which means you will have plenty of time to lounge around.

The best part about having a pressure washer is that it can be used for many types of cleaning jobs.  You can use it for cleaning practically any sold surfaces.  You can use it to clean your car, deck, fence, patio, and yes, including the barbeque grill.

The cleaning power of pressure washers is really a marvel of engineering.  However, many are unaware that a pressure washer is also very economical as it allows you to save more water than regular cleaning.  This is possible because your pressure washer unit propels water at great speeds to clean and remove dirt off of any surface.  This also means you use less water to clean surfaces as the pressure generated by the unit helps in removing any unwanted dirt and stains.  With a regular spray from a garden hose, you will need more water, and probably some elbow grease, to achieve the same result.

It is important to remember that different cleaning tasks may require different water pressure.  This makes it a good idea to purchase a pressure washer unit that has a variable pressure setting as this will allow you to change the pressure setting of your unit based on your cleaning task.  However, if you already have a pressure washer, fret not.  You can still use your unit to perform your cleaning tasks.  You just need to be wary of the surface you are cleaning.  If the surface you are cleaning is delicate or sensitive, you can start by pressure washing from a distance of 10 feet to ensure that the power of your unit is diminished before it hits the surface of what you are cleaning.  Then try to narrow down that distance until your desired cleaning strength is achieved.  Try to remember this distance for the whole cleaning job.

There are actually three different types of pressure washers available – standard pressure washer, hot water pressure washer, and steam pressure washer.  Each has unique cleaning power suitable for certain cleaning task, with the latter being commonly used for industrial applications.  In short, the steam pressure washer is the most powerful of the three and it is also the most expensive.

If you are looking into buying a pressure washer unit, you may need to consult product reviews to get an idea of what to get.  If not, it is suggested that you get one from brand that is known for being reliable and durable.  Popular pressure washer brands would include Karcher, Campbell Hausfeld, and Briggs & Stratton.  These brands are popular because they offer high quality units with a range of features you can choose from.

Once you’ve made up your mind into buying a pressure washer unit, you need to decide the type of powertrain – whether you want to go for electric-powered models or gasoline-powered models.  Each type has its own advantage as well as significant disadvantage.  Electric-powered units cannot generate as much power as their gasoline counterparts do, but their main advantages are: they can be used on indoor applications, they are less noisy, and they require very little maintenance.  Gasoline-powered units on the other hand are able to generate more cleaning power and they are also portable and can be used on remote locations that are far from the power grid.

After you’ve decided on the powertrain of your unit, you need to decide on how much power you want.  This can be easily answered by the sales representative based on the type of cleaning tasks you will be doing.

Once you have acquired your pressure washer unit, it is important that you read the instruction manual first before trying to operate it.  It is also equally important to always practice safety when operating your unit.  A pressure washer is not a toy as it has the capacity to cause serious physical injuries.  Never point the pressurized stream of water to you or any other living being as the pressure coming out of the unit has the power to cut through flesh, given the right circumstance.  Pressure washer safety must also be practiced when operating the gun.  Since the gun has a kick when you depress the trigger, you may lose control of the spray gun if you don’t handle it firmly with both hands.  This kick is the very reason why manufacturers discourage operating a pressure washer from flimsy ladders or unstable platforms.  Using your pressure washer unit safely and correctly will allow you to enjoy your cleaning tasks.