Everybody knows that pressure washers are great cleaning equipments that can enable any person to clean effectively, efficiently, and in less time when compared to manual cleaning.  The reason behind the effectiveness of pressure washers when it comes to cleaning surfaces is its highly pressurized stream of water that bombards dirt and stains and basically flushes them off their bond or adhesion to remove them.  Despite being very effective in cleaning, you can still make pressure washers more effective through the use of pressure washer accessories.  These accessories can modify the highly pressurized stream of water to suit certain cleaning situations, or dispense cleaning chemicals that can help hasten the cleaning process.

Among the pressure washer accessories that you should have in your collection of accessories is the “downstream injector.”  Downstream injectors are basically accessories that enable you to dispense soap, detergent, and cleaning solutions.  This can be very useful as pressure washing operators are quickly able to apply cleaning solutions onto surfaces thanks to the cleaning unit itself.  Imagine yourself trying to apply soap manually on a large and long wall or pavement.  It would take a lot of your time, wouldn’t it?  This is perhaps the main value of downstream injectors because you are able to dispense cleaning solutions without taking much of your time.

If you use your pressure washing unit on other residential cleaning tasks aside from just cleaning your car, then you are likely to know that there are many cleaning solutions that needs to be applied using the downstream injector.  This is because a lot of these cleaning solutions are very corrosive and can damage the pressure pump and other components if you include the solution on the water that feeds the cleaning unit.  Since the downstream injector introduces the cleaning solution after the water has been pressurized, it does no damage to any of the internal parts of the pressure washer unit.  The solution is introduced to the pressurized stream of water through the principles of hydrodynamics.

One other feature of downstream injectors, unlike of the upstream injectors, is that the pump doesn’t have to work hard to draw the solution in and pressurize it.  This means the pressure pump undergoes less stress when using downstream injectors to dispense detergents and chemicals, and cleaning solutions.  Simply put, the reduction of wear through its use makes the pump last longer than when using the upstream injector type.

The ideal location in installing the downstream injector is the connection between the pressure pump and the pressure hose.  Place some quick-connect couplers on both ends and connect it to both the pressure hose and pressure pump.  Using quick-connect couplers will allow you to quickly attach the downstream injector should you need to dispense cleaning solutions.  However, if you are using a hot water pressure washer, then it is more advisable to connect the chemical injector where the heated water exits the unit.  The reason behind this is to prevent any of the internal parts and components of the pressure washer unit from the harshness of the cleaning solutions.

As mentioned earlier, a downstream injector works through the principles of hydrodynamics called the Venturi effect.  As pressurized water passes by the constricted orifice of the chemical injector, the high velocity of the pressurized water that passes creates a vacuum and thus draws the solution to mix along with the pressurized water.  However, in order for the injector to work properly, the use of a low pressure nozzle is recommended.

There are basically three things that cause the injector to stop from working.  The first would be the use of high pressure nozzles.  Since this is the case, you can use low pressure nozzles when dispensing the cleaning solution and change the nozzle to high pressure ones to pressure wash without having to detach the injector.  There are many who find this convenient because you don’t need to go back to the unit to turn the dispenser off should you need to pressure wash.  The second would be the use of long pressure hoses.  Since a long pressure hose creates more resistance due to the distance the pressurized water has to travel, it creates a back pressure wherein there is less draw from the chemicals.  In fact, at a distance of 150 feet, the draw of chemical will cease.  The third would be gravity.  If the pressure nozzle gets much higher than the downstream injector, gravity will create an increase in back pressure wherein the stream will have trouble drawing in chemical.  The amount of elevation that this usually happens is at 10 feet and higher.

To Rent or Buy a Pressure Washer

When faced with a troublesome cleaning task, pressure washers are often the only solution to cleaning them much faster, more efficient, and in far less time.  However, if you don’t have your own pressure washer, you have the choice of buying your very own unit, or simply renting one out.

These days, residential grade pressure washers are rather inexpensive which can be good if you are opting to buy a unit for yourself.  They can be used for practically every day cleaning tasks found in the home, such as: cleaning cars, deck, patio, pavement, fence, walls, walkways, driveway, garage, gutters, lawnmower equipments, and many more.  Then again, if the cleaning task you’re up to requires heavy duty cleaning, particularly dirt and filth that are oil-based, then you may need a pressure washer with hot water temperature capability to be able to effectively clean such.  Sadly, the price of these units can be fairly expensive which means renting one out is a better option as it is simply more economical.

If you’ve decided to rent a unit, be sure to check for prices before you rent as there are times the rental cost is near enough to the actual price of the unit.  This means it would simply be smarter to buy one instead.  If all you require is a one-time use only, buying a unit can still be an option as you can opt to sell after the job is done.