When it comes to cleaning solid surfaces, nothing beats the cleaning power of pressure washers.  These cleaning units are able to provide such cleaning power by accelerating water at high speeds and ejecting it out of a nozzle in order to create a suitable fan spray needed for the cleaning task.  If you’ve experienced trying to clean a garage with oily surface manually with a brush, soap, hose, and elbow grease, you probably went on for hours before you were finally able to clean the whole area.  However, with a pressure washer, you will probably be able to accomplish that same task in just a few minutes.

It may be hard to imagine that there are people who use these cleaning units on a daily basis.  This makes it crucial for them to have a robust and reliable pressure washer.  Among the many pressure washers out there, the brand Karcher is perhaps the most popular.  This is probably because Karcher branded pressure washers are very reliable, making them a sure win if you are not sure what model and brand to buy.  However, if you plan on buying a different brand of pressure washer, it really would not hurt to check out the pressure washer reviews on different brands and models.   Searching for reviews wouldn’t be too hard thanks to the Internet.  There are many websites that offer reviews on a massive range of models.  If you find or come across a model that you like, simply check the reviews for that particular model to see if is a good one or a bad one, and if it is good enough for your cleaning requirement.  Looking at the reviews will always guarantee you that you are getting the best out of your money.  Just make sure you are looking review sites that have credibility.

If your cleaning needs require more than the power of a residential-type pressure washer, then you may want to look into commercial types or even industrial types pressure washer.  These types of pressure washers are not only capable of generating more power, but they also have a better build quality.  The materials that the manufacturers used for these are much better than that of regular types which means they are able to withstand rough and prolonged usage and still be able to last longer.

In case you still aren’t certain which brand to choose, you may want to look into North Star pressure washers.  They are a popular manufacturer of commercial and industrial grade pressure washers.  Their top of the line units are even equipped with features not found on regular types.  Then again, if you do not want to spend a lot of money on a pressure washer unit, then you may want to look into Earthwise pressure washers.  These pressure washers are the cheapest ones available.  Despite being the cheapest, they are still able to provide enough grunt to clean away those tough dirt and stains that clings on solid surfaces.

One important thing to consider when getting a pressure washer though is whether to get a gas-powered unit or an electric-powered unit.  Both types have their own advantage as well as significant disadvantages.  The main advantage of an electric pressure washer is that it is quiet and it does not emit any fumes.  This means it can be used even in enclosed spaces.  Another advantage that an electric pressure washer has is that it requires very less maintenance.  Its main disadvantage, however, is that it always needs to be connected to an electrical outlet for it to run.  Gas-powered pressure washers on the other hand are able to generate more power than their electric counterparts.  They also can be used on remote locations without the need to be connected to the grid.  Their main disadvantages, however, is that they noisy, require a lot of maintenance, and they cannot be used on enclosed or indoor spaces.  The advantages and disadvantages of each will help determine what is most suitable for your needs.

If the main usage of your pressure washer would just be for small cleaning tasks such as washing your car, garage, driveway, patio, fence, furniture, lawn mower, and pavement, then an electric pressure washer would be just fine.  Since the unit is quieter and much smaller, you wouldn’t have much problem moving it around your home.  However, if you plan on using your pressure washer on a daily basis and for prolonged periods, you may want to consider getting a gas-powered pressure washer as the extra power that gas units generate may prove to be helpful with your cleaning task.

Pressure washers are usually classified by how much power they can generate and this is through PSI or Pounds per Square Inch.  A higher PSI will mean a more powerful unit.  Although a high cleaning power will mean taking less time to clean a surface, make sure not to get lured by it as a higher cleaning power can also potentially damage or even destroy what you are trying to clean. For example, if you have a unit that can generate up to 3500 PSI and you plan on using it to clean the outside concrete walls of your home, there is a big possibility that the powerful spray of water will strip off the paint on the wall.  Now, imagine using this on your car.  Surely you wouldn’t even attempt to.

For light cleaning tasks, it is highly recommended to get an electric pressure washer.  Not only does this type of pressure have enough cleaning power to accomplish most of your cleaning task, but it is also cheaper and easier to maintain.  However, if your cleaning tasks are much heavier than an electric unit could accommodate, then it is important that you get yourself a gas pressure washer as it is more suited to tougher cleaning tasks.  There are many brands of pressure washers out there in the market.  It is up to you to research for their pressure washer reviews to see whether they are the right type for you.  In purchasing a unit with a good review, you are reassured that you are not getting substandard equipment.