Pressure Washer Accessories

Pressure washers are effective and efficient cleaning tools that utilize water and high pressure to clean stubborn dirt, grime, and stains. However, to benefit more from the cleaning efficiency of a pressure washer, you will need to have an accessory such as the wand, tip, and gun.

Pressure washer wands are similar to the types of wands you find when you are at car wash and they can help to direct the high water pressure to clean even the dirtiest of cars. These wands are specifically designed to be used for pressure washers where the water pressure can be controlled by a pressure washer gun. These attachments fit on the end of the hose and are perfect for washing most surfaces because it allows you to easily control and direct the stream of water to wherever you want. In fact, these pressure washer wands are great for cleaning tiles, concrete, grooves, and crevices. In addition to this, the wands can also be used for cleaning tight spaces where your hands cannot reach.

Pressure washer guns are the one responsible for controlling the flow of water in a pressure washer through spring, ball, and seat. The trigger basically controls the on and off of the water stream. When the trigger is depressed, the spring forces the ball out of its seat and water then flows towards the high pressure tip or nozzle. If the trigger is release, the ball inside the gun is set to seat by the spring which then stops the flow of water. It is nice to know that pressure washer guns are designed with safety in mind. Their basic design ensures that the gun is in a closed position should the operator accidentally loses control over it or accidentally drops it. This safety mechanism is especially useful as you wouldn’t want a high pressure stream of water hitting you because such high pressure will likely cause you injury.

Pressure washer tips or nozzles are considered to be the most functional piece in a pressure washer. They are the one responsible in getting the job done as fast as possible, provided you are using the right nozzle. The truth is there are a variety of nozzles out there that can be used for different applications. There quick-connect nozzles that can easily be connected or disconnected to the wand. There are also turbo nozzles that rotate as they wash to provide a sort of scrubbing action. Other nozzles create a fan spray in varying spread to meet certain cleaning criteria. Knowing the type of nozzle you need for a specific cleaning job will allow you to customize your pressure washer nozzle and help to make your cleaning task easier.