Electric Pressure Washers and its Advantages

Electric Pressure Washers and its Advantages

The invention of the pressure washer has significantly changed how we view tough cleaning jobs.  In the past, what used to take countless hours of labor now only takes a few hours – all thanks to the pressure washer.  These cleaning units are able to generate their cleaning power through the acceleration of water at very high speeds and through temperature output.  This then helps to bombard the tough or hardened dirt with enough umph to penetrate, loosen, dissolve, lift, and flush it away.

In the past, pressure washers were solely used in the industrial and commercial sectors.  However, this type of cleaning machine cannot be bottled up with just the industrial and commercial sectors as they now have invaded many of our homes.  This is most likely because they are not only efficient and effective cleaning machines, but they also help to significantly reduce the time doing it.

There are three types of pressure washers in terms of temperature output – cold water, hot water, and steam.  These three are powered by either a gas engine or an electric motor.  Electric-powered pressure washers run using electricity which means you can operate them at distance your extension cord will allow you.  Gas-powered pressure washers on the other hand use a small combustion engine which is fueled by gasoline.  This allows you to operate it on remote locations without being limited to a nearby power outlet.

Aside from how they are powered, the significant difference between the two is the cleaning power they can generate.  A combustion engine can generate more torque which means size-for-size a gas-powered pressure washer can generate more cleaning power than its electric counterpart.  However, this does not mean that the electric pressure washer does not have advantages of its own.  Even if they cannot generate the same cleaning power as their gas sibling, they still are able to generate the cleaning power needed for most residential cleaning tasks.  In fact, most residential grade pressure washers use electricity which is particularly advantageous for household use.

Electric Pressure Washers and its Advantages

  1. Indoor Use – electric-powered pressure washers units do not emit exhaust or combustion fumes which is why they can be used for indoor cleaning applications or for areas with poor ventilation.  Gas-powered units on the other hand must never be used on poorly ventilated areas because the combustion engine emits carbon monoxide – an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas which is lethal if breathed in for prolonged periods.
  2. Less Maintenance – unlike gas-powered units that requires a lot of maintenance such as the cleaning of spilled fuel, the changing of oil and oil filter, and the cleaning of the air filter, electric-powered units do not require such maintenance.
  3. Silent Operation – electric motors are far more silent than a combustion engine which is why electric-powered units have a more silent operation than gas-powered ones.  This makes them highly suitable for use on areas where noise is not a welcome factor.  Such areas would include hospitals, nursing homes, and hotels.
  4. Small Package and Light Weight – since electric-powered units do not have any fuel tank, they are much smaller and lighter than their gas counterparts.  In addition, since most electric systems use a direct drive configuration, they have a much smaller and more compact design.  This makes the overall package much smaller than units that use a belt-drive system.  When choosing a small pressure washer, make sure the unit is capable of accomplishing the regular cleaning tasks that you have.  If you will be using the unit for prolonged periods frequently, then a small unit is not for you as these small units are only made for light duty cleaning.
  5. Eco-Friendly – since electric-powered units do not emit any carbon emissions, they are much friendlier to the environment than gas-powered units.

If you want to purchase an electric pressure washer, make sure to consider the type of application and the frequency of use.  This will allow you to choose the pressure washer that is more appropriate for your cleaning requirements.  This is because knowing the type of application will show you what you will be using the unit for and thus determine the level of cleaning power you need.  Frequency on the other hand shows you how long you will be using the unit for every given period so you can get a medium duty or heavy duty unit accordingly depending on your cleaning requirement.

All-Electric Pressure Washers

There are some electric pressure washers that may use electricity to power the unit, but still uses fuel for heating water.  However, there are also pressure washers that use electricity for both heating and running the unit.  These types of pressure washer are ideal for a multitude of commercial and industrial cleaning tasks.  Although they may not have the fully portable convenience found with gas-powered and gas-fired units, all-electric pressure washers still possess their own unique set of cleaning advantages.

One of the main advantages of an all-electric pressure washing unit is that they can be used for indoor cleaning applications or for poorly ventilated areas.  Since an all-electric pressure washer does not burn gas, it does not emit any fumes or consumes the oxygen available the poorly ventilated area.  This allows operators to perform their cleaning activity more effectively since they do not have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning or dwindling air supply.  This makes them the ideal cleaning units for commercial kitchens as well as food processing plants.  Another significant advantage of an all-electric unit is that it has relatively quiet operation, perfect for a number of cleaning jobs where noise is an unwelcome factor.

Despite having numerous advantages, one of the bane the electric pressure washers face is that they cannot be used on remote locations since they are always tied up to the nearest electrical outlet.  This somewhat makes gas-powered units more ideal for some, particularly if they need to work on remote locations.  However, when you think of the advantages that an electric pressure washer has, maybe you may want to consider getting a generator for your electric-powered unit.  This solves your problem of working on remote areas as well as being able to operate the unit indoors.

The Advantages of Electric Pressure Washers

The Advantages of Electric Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are great cleaning equipments that are widely used on commercial and industrial cleaning applications.  These days, pressure washers have slowly crept into the hearts of households because of their cleaning power and efficiency.  The best things about pressure washers are not only are they able to clean effectively and efficiently, but it also takes significantly less time to do it.

There are basically two types of pressure washers with regards to how they are powered – electric and gasoline.  The difference between the two is that one needs electricity to operate and run its motor, while the other needs gasoline to fuel its combustion engine.  Since electric units need electricity to run, they constantly need to be plugged to the grid to operate them.  Gas units on the other hand can be operated even on remote locations as they are not tied up to any electrical outlets.

The most notable difference between the two types of pressure washers would be power as gas-powered units have more cleaning power when compared to similar-sized electric units.  The truth is, even if electric pressure washers cannot generate the same cleaning power as their gas brethren, they are still able to deliver enough cleaning power suitable for many home use.  In fact, most residential grade pressure washers are powered by electricity and there is a good reason for this as there are quite a number of advantages electric pressure washers have as compared to gasoline-powered pressure washers, particularly for residential use.

The Advantages of Electric Pressure Washers

Small Package and Light Weight – electric pressure washers do not have the need for a fuel tank.  This makes them smaller and inevitably lighter.  In addition, since they are likely to be using a direct drive system, the configuration of the components will likely be in a compact design making it have a smaller package as compared to a belt driven system and a gas-powered motor.  There are multiple small and light weight pressure washers available in the market.  Just make sure that even if you are choosing the lightest of all models that it is still capable of accomplishing your cleaning task.  Otherwise, your unit will be all for naught.  On a side note, the smallest and light weight unit will usually be for very light duty only and cannot be used for prolonged periods.

Silent Operation – since electric pressure washer units use an electric-powered motor instead of combustion engine, it is practically silent as electromagnets are responsible in turning up the motor.

Less Maintenance – gasoline-powered units require a lot of maintenance as you regularly need to change the oil of the combustion engine, change oil and air filters, as well as cleaning the unit each time you spill fuel after every refill.  Electric-powered units do not require such messy maintenance.

Indoor Use – unlike gas-powered pressure washers, electric pressure washers have the advantage of being used on indoor environments.  This is mostly because the electric motor does not burn gasoline to emit any toxic fumes which can be fatal when breathed in for prolonged periods.  Gas-powered units emit carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless, and tasteless toxic gas which is why they cannot be used indoors or on poorly ventilated environments.

Eco-friendly – electric pressure washers can be considered eco-friendly because they do not emit any carbon emissions which can be damaging to the environment.

If you will be purchasing an electric pressure washer, make sure to take into consideration two factors such as the type of application and frequency of use.  The type of application will show how you will be using the unit and will help determine the level of cleaning power you need.  You can get a high pressure level along with a high flow rate should you require a higher degree of cleaning power.  Frequency of use lies on how long you be using your unit each time.  If you will be using it for prolonged periods, you may need a medium-duty or even a heavy duty unit so your pressure washer does not get busted prematurely.

Despite having a number of advantages, there are still certain disadvantages electric pressure washers have.  One of the most notable disadvantages is that they cannot be used on locations where there is no electricity.  Sure you can bring along an electric generator, but if you will be doing that very often, why not just get a gasoline-powered unit.  This will save you a lot of time lugging around two equipment.

Pressure Washer Accessories

If you want to maximize the use of your pressure washer unit, you may want to invest on pressure accessories that will not just make you accomplish you cleaning task much faster and more efficiently, but also safer.

One of the pressure washer accessories you may want to invest on would be the telescoping wand.  This wand has the capacity to extend its length by up to 24 feet, allowing you to reach elevated areas without having to use ladders or flimsy scaffolds.  Using such may cause accidents as pressure washers give off a certain kick when the trigger is depressed and may cause you to fall down.  With a telescoping wand, you feet are firmly planted on the floor, thus providing you with better balance.

Another accessory you may want to invest on would be the turbo nozzle.  This nozzle creates a rotary action that helps to remove tough dirt and stains.  Think of it as a scrubbing like motion when you are cleaning things manually.  Its spinning motion recreates a scrubbing motion that provides you with a better cleaning power.

When you have a pressure washer unit, it is essential that you are familiar with the many accessories available for your unit.  These accessories, whether they come with the unit or they are after sales accessories, are important as they can greatly help in accomplishing your cleaning tasks much faster, more efficiently, and with less effort.  They are made for specific uses and it is up to you to take advantage of them.

Things you should Look for When Buying a Pressure Washer Unit

Things you should Look for When Buying a Pressure Washer Unit

Pressure washers are available in many sizes and they come in both portable and large units.  Their main function is to help us with our cleaning tasks.  This is accomplished through the jetting of highly pressurized water at the nozzle to help lift stubborn stains and dirt that sticks on to the surface.  The truth is there are many pressure washers units that are very affordable which makes it more practical to buy one as compared to renting one.  However, when buying a pressure washer unit of your own, it is important that you know several of the things that you need to consider in a unit before buying one.

PSI – this stands for Pounds per Square Inch and is the amount of water pressure that goes out of the nozzle.  PSI is actually a unit of measurement and it shows the total pressure of a given area.  Having a high PSI will actually give you more cleaning power.  However, this could also backfire as having too much PSI may actually damage or even destroy the surface that you are trying to clean.  This makes it important to know the surface that you will be cleaning with your unit beforehand so you will have an idea of how much PSI you need.

GPM – this stands for Gallons per Minute and is the amount of water that flows out of the nozzle under a given minute.  GPM is actually a unit of measurement and it shows the volume of water that is displaced by the unit per minute.  Having a higher GPM in a pressure washer unit is actually beneficial as it results in faster cleaning time.

Engine Brand – when choosing a pressure washer, you also need to consider the brand of engine the unit has.  Having a branded engine is in fact an assurance that the motor will last longer.  If you get one that only has a generic engine, you are not assured that the motor will last a long time.

Electric or Gasoline – these are the two type of engines available for pressure washers and both have an advantage towards the other as well as significant disadvantages.  If you will be using your pressure washer unit mostly at home, then an electric unit is highly suggested.  Not only are they cheaper and requires less maintenance, but they also generate less noise and can be used for indoor cleaning applications.  If you need portability or cleaning power, then what you need would be a gas-powered unit.  These units are not limited on the length of your extension cord as they do not need to be plugged in to an electrical source in order to work.  In terms of power, they can also generate more as compared to same-sized electrical unit.  Their main disadvantages though is that they are noisy, requires more maintenance, and the fumes that the combustion engine emits means that you cannot use it on enclosed spaces as you may become a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning if you do.

Once you have your very own pressure washer unit, you may also consider purchasing pressure washer accessories that can be helpful in accomplishing your cleaning task faster and easier.  In short, these pressure washer accessories basically allow you to increase the cleaning power of your unit.

Multi-purpose Tip – this is one of the important accessories for pressure washers you may want to look into as this top enables you to spread the stream of water from 0° for a concentrated steam to 45° so you can cover a wider area.  This is actually very useful because you do not need to change nozzles often.  You can use the wider spray for cleaning your car as it gives more coverage area while the concentrated spray can be used for removing those hard to remove dirt and stains on walls, driveways, and pavements.  A single nozzle with the capacity to perform multiple tasks will help you save time because you no longer need to swap nozzles each time you need a certain spray.

Telescoping Wand – this is a popular accessory that you may want to consider having.  This wand is capable of extending up to 24 feet, thereby allowing you to reach high or elevated spaces without having the need climb stairs or scaffolds just to reach them.  The best part about the telescoping wand is that it promotes safety.  Since your feet are planted firmly on terra firma, you would not have to worry about falling down from being perched to reach high spaces.

Rotary Turbo Nozzles – this accessory provides a powerful cleaning action.  This is possible because the rotating nozzle acts like a scrubbing action which provides a better cleaning action.  It increases the cleaning efficiency of the unit by up to 200 percent as the spray pattern of the accessory helps to break down tough dirt, perfect for cleaning pavements, garages, driveways, and other flat surfaces.

Pressure Washer Hose – pressure washers will usually come equipped with at least a 15 feet hose.  For some people, this length is not enough to cover, say, a whole wall.  In order to cover a wider area without having to move the pressure washer unit itself, investing in a pressure washer hose that is up to 100 feet in length is a must.  This will allow the operator to cover more area without having to drag the unit near the space he is cleaning, thus giving him more freedom of movement as he does not have to worry whether the hose will reach the space he wants to clean or not.  If you plan on investing in a longer pressure washer hose, just make sure the hose you will be purchasing can handle the PSI your unit generates.  In addition to this, since you will be having a longer hose, you may also need to invest in a Hose Reel.  The hose reel helps to collect the hose after each use as it facilitates the unwinding and winding up of the hose.  In fact, the hose reel is also a good way to help make your hose last longer and it can also be used to make storing your hose easier.

Pressure Washer Maintenance and Safety

Pressure Washer Maintenance and Safety

There is hardly anyone, especially those that have used it, will doubt the cleaning power and efficiency of the pressure washer.  It is the cleaning equipment that many industries and businesses find indispensable as it will take a lot of energy and man-hours for them to clean the same space without them.  With such cleaning efficiency, there is no way that residences will not be able to notice it.  In fact, manufacturers are even pushing the use of pressure washers for residential use by making small and affordable units made for light-duty use around the home.  Residences who have them find them hard to do without, especially when it comes to cleaning cars, driveways, walls, patios, deck, fences, and many more.  However, in order to enjoy this cleaning prowess of the equipment, you need to properly maintain the unit.  Not only will this prolong the life of the equipment, but it will also keep it in peak working condition.

There are actually several guidelines to follow when it comes to pressure washer maintenance and many of these are printed in the manual that came with the unit.  In case you have failed to read that part or have lost the manual by chance, the maintenance involved with the pressure washing unit is actually for preventive maintenance and it basically involves cleaning the unit and its accessories after every use.  While this may sound tedious, if you analyze it carefully, it does make sense.  Another helpful preventive maintenance for your pressure washer unit would be to store it properly, especially if it would not be used for a prolonged period.  Storing the unit properly will help to keep it in good condition.

Keeping each parts and accessories of the unit clean will help to maintain its good condition.  One of the accessories that need to be cleaned after each use would be the pressure washer nozzles.  These nozzles are responsible for generating the fan spray so you can either concentrated the jet stream of water in just one area or spread it to cover more.  The reason it needs to be regularly cleaned is because if the nozzle gets clogged, you will not be able to get the intended spray which in turn will cost you far more time to get your cleaning task done.  Another important part of the pressure washer that needs regular checks would be the O-rings.  Although these O-rings do not look much, they are responsible in preventing any leaks between each connection.  Keeping the O-rings free from any debris will help ensure that the connection is tight and secure.  If an O-ring is worn, it needs to be replaced immediately in order to prevent large leaks or even equipment failure.

Checking the pressure washer gun is also an important maintenance check.  Before operation, depress the trigger and release it.  Doing this several time will help you determine if there are any problems with the trigger of the gun.  This is because if the trigger does not spring back, there is a problem with the gun which needs immediate attention.  The solution to this would be either to fix or replace the gun.  However, it is more recommended replacing it rather than repairing it as repairing it may not last as long as a new one.  A leaking gun is also another sign of problem which needs to be addressed immediately.

The power of a pressure washer is generated through its motor and pump.  If the motor is electric, then it requires very little maintenance.  However, if it is a combustion engine, then you need check the oil regularly and make oil changes after 50 hours of usage.  Change the oil filter as well when you change oil.  Cleaning the air filter of a gas-powered pressure washer will also help.  Doing all of these will help ensure that the machine runs smoothly for a long time without losing any power it has when it was new.

The truth is, having a pressure washer at home is very handy because it can aid in many cleaning tasks such as removing stubborn stains and dirt on solid surfaces.  It can be used in cleaning any type of setting such as driveways, cars, boats, patios, pools and many more.  Heavy-duty industrial pressure washer models are more capable of doing a huge array of cleaning tasks such as cleaning agricultural equipments, entire fleets of vehicles, dumpsters and even parking areas.  As a matter of fact, pressure washers can do just about almost any type of cleaning job.  However, people need to be aware of the fact that while these pressure washers are great for cleaning tasks, they can become potentially dangerous especially when the high pressure of water comes into contact with the user or other people around.  Therefore, extreme caution must be exercised at all times whenever operating a pressure washer.

Below are some safety measures that you must follow whenever using a pressure washer:

Wear the Appropriate Safety Equipment – when handling a pressure washer, always make sure that you are wearing that appropriate type of safety equipment.  Such safety equipment includes safety goggles, rain suit, heavy duty gloves, and maybe even ear muffs.  The safety goggles and heavy duty gloves will help protect your eyes and hands from any debris that might be blown off by the high pressure of water, while the rain suit will keep your body dry, and the ear muffs will help protect your ears from too much loud noise that gas-powered pressure washers inevitably emit.   You can also choose to wear rubber boots which are non slip as these will help you in maintaining your balance and the grip you require especially when you are utilizing detergents as an additional cleaning agent while you are doing some pressure washing tasks.

Know Where to Properly Point the Stream – the high water pressure that pressure washers give off can prove to be very dangerous if not controlled properly.  Ensure that you never point the stream of water onto any living thing because it can really peel the skin off or even seriously hurt them.  Furthermore, never ever point the stream on cars or glass unless you are sure that you currently have the right pressure setting or attachment that is truly intended for cleaning them because there are times that seemingly harmless high pressure of water can still be strong enough to peel off paint or even break glass.

Pressure washers are indeed very helpful when it comes to tough cleaning jobs, but of course, they can also become very dangerous equipments when not handled properly.  Even if you are very familiar with using a pressure washer for a long time and have used it numerous times without any accidents occurring, it is still wise to be never complacent and always exercise caution and safety.

Gas Pressure Washers and the High Pressure Pump

Gas Pressure Washers and the High Pressure Pump

The popularity of pressure washers is increasing these days as these exceptional cleaning equipments have found their way not just on industrial and commercial areas, but for residential cleaning duties as well.  In fact, many homeowners are finding new and different uses for them while some have even started pressure washer cleaning businesses which are very useful as they help to fill up a vacant spot or niche in the cleaning business of many areas.  Some businesses simply rent-out pressure washer units while some businesses employ manpower to help with the cleaning services.  This would include the cleaning of roofs, gutters, drains, streets, boats, yachts, and other cleaning applications where professional cleaning service is on demand.

When buying a pressure washer, the biggest decision to make would be whether to buy an electric pressure washer unit or a gasoline pressure washer unit.  The truth is, choosing can be further simplified if you apply certain factors.  If the unit will be used for light cleaning applications only, such as cleaning cars, patios, fences – in short, mostly residential cleaning tasks, then an electric pressure washer would be highly suitable.  It’s not only quiet and cheaper to operate, but it also requires lesser maintenance.  However, if you plan on using your unit for heavier cleaning loads and for prolonged periods, then a gas pressure washer would be more appropriate.  It’s not only robust, but it can also generate more power and it can be used on remote locations.

Gas pressure washers are mostly suitable for cleaning businesses.  Although they are noisier and cannot be used on indoor applications due to the fumes the unit emits, it is capable of generating more power that it’s equal-sized electric counterpart.  This helps any cleaning business to accomplish more cleaning jobs per day, which, in return, helps to generate more income.  In addition to this, since these units run on gasoline, they can be used regardless of location as they do not require to be plugged up to any electrical outlet.

Gasoline-powered pressure washers are capable of accomplishing a lot of cleaning tasks.  In fact, they can accomplish many of the cleaning tasks that electric-type units can do, even better.  Since it generates more cleaning power than electric units, you will be able to finish your cleaning tasks in even less time.  The only thing that gas-type units cannot compete with electric-type units is when the cleaning task is brought indoors.  Since gas-types use a combustion engine to power the motor, it emits fumes such as carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas that is lethal if exposed to for prolonged periods.  This is the very reason why gas pressure washers should only be used on open or outdoor locations.

If you have a cleaning business venture that involves the use of pressure washers, then it is very crucial that you understand the internal and external mechanisms of the pressure washers you are using.  This way, you would be able to easily identify and effectively troubleshoot potential issues that might arise while using them.  Just like any other equipment, the maintenance of the pressure washer units in the proper way will eventually pay off as they are guaranteed to perform better and last much longer.

One of the most essential parts of a pressure washer is the high pressure pump.  It is this pump that is responsible for giving you the cleaning action that you need.  A triplex plunger pump will typically play a very important role for the cleaning work that you are undertaking, whether it may be for high or just moderate pressure applications.

A pressure washer is considered to be one of man’s greatest innovations when it comes to the subject of cleaning efficiently.  A pressure washer works by simply pressurizing the water and then expelling it at great speeds in order to effectively clean and remove even the toughest of dirt and stains.  It typically has 4 basic parts – the pressure pump, hose, motor and gun.  Even if these four parts are all crucial for the pressure washer unit to function properly, it is solely the pressure pump that is the most crucial because it is the one that generates the pressure required for cleaning.

Pumps that are designed exclusively for commercial and industrial applications are the high pressure pumps.  Depending on the unit or model, they may come with the ability to have their pressure, flow rate and valve adjusted in order to suit the user’s preferences.  Whenever utilizing a high pressure pump, it is crucial that one must understand what they are doing because these equipments are very powerful and are created to work according to the manufacturer’s specifications.  In other words, one must fully understand how they work and how to correctly operate them before using them for any cleaning job.

The pressure pump is located at the core of any pressure washer.  In order to generate pressure, the pressure pump has to be spun by a motor.  A pressure pump can be powered by a motor, depending on its design, either via direct drive or belt drive.

The high pressure pump is always often designed having a die-cast framework and a brass head finish to ensure strength.  To prevent overheating, cooling fins are designed so that the heat is being dissipated within the motor.  Moreover, the use of solid ceramic plungers helps make it last longer.

AR pumps are made from stainless steel in order to resist corrosion.  These AR pumps are manufactured with highly advanced and accurate techniques so that they can be suitable for long-time operation and high frequency of use.  This is made possible by means of its high concentric bearing positioning on each side of the crankcase. Also, it has viton seals that allow continuous lubrication.  Last but not least, it is also equipped with thick ceramic plungers which allows it to be operated even under intense temperatures.

In a cleaning business that uses pressure washers, it is crucial that one must know which pressure washer unit is the best for each cleaning job.  Knowing your cleaning equipment better can help you provide a very good quality of cleaning service to your clients and it also enables you to stay ahead of your competition.