Best Pressure Washer. A pressure washer is high pressure mechanical sprayer that is used to remove mud, loose paint, grime, dust, mold,  and dirt from surfaces and objects such as concrete surfaces, buildings and vehicles.

The basic features of a pressure washer are electric motor, high-power hose and trigger gun-style switch.

There are various designs and styles of pressure washers available in the market. Let us try to pick out the best qualities of a pressure washer.

A best pressure washer must at least clean a mess or a stain. But there are different kinds of stain. So a best pressure washer must have at least two-mode pressure. Hot mode pressure sprays hot water that can remove stains caused by petroleum, grease, oil and sugar. Cold mode pressure, on the other hand, can eradicate muds, molds, plant saps, pollen and algae.

Next thing to consider is the pressure brought by the washer. The pressure on the equipment ranges from 700 psi to 8000 psi depending on whether the equipment is for household use or for commercial use. Apparently, minor dirt can be clean using low pressure and deep dirt can be clean by great pressure. Just remember, you cannot use great pressure on bricks but can be in tiles, concrete and granite.

It is also best to consider the mobility of the pressure washer. Stationary pressure washer is best used at home occupying a small area. But in this case you have to make sure that the hose is more or less 300 meters long. But if you have to use it large areas especially outdoors, it is advised to use the portable pressure washer.

You also might want to consider the drainage system or how you will dispose the water from the pressure washer. If your area is big and needs a strong pressure washer then better think of a way to avoid flooding.

Finding the best pressure washer for your use will need a lot of planning and careful thinking. There are many factors that need to be considered so it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of pressure washer unit you want to buy.