Pressure Washing Your House – Simple Tips for Effective Cleaning

House Cleaning may seem to be a hard task for a lot of homeowners but neither one of us has a choice. Isn't it essential for us to own a pressure washer machine or perhaps pay for home pressure washing services at least twice in three years? Mainly because we need to keep our home clean inside and out, especially after a big storm. Pressure washing could be the very real solution for keeping the tasks done without wasting much of your time. Owning the most high-quality pressure washer is cheaper in the long-run if you simply know the basics of its cleaning maintenance and the capabilities of the machine alone.

Pressure washing is not like what you expected, true that it is effective on house and car cleaning but little did you know it works tremendously different than a magic wand. You expect for it to clean your house or car just by simply waving the nozzle but the truth is its usage is more subtle than that.

First off, the size of your house matters. If you are planning to buy one, an electric type of pressure washer will never be enough to do the job for you if you have a large house since electric pressure washers are more suited on cleaning cars, outdoor furniture and small boats. Thus, a gasoline-powered pressure washer is more suitable for larger buildings and houses.

If your house is particularly dirty, like for example a big storm just came days before, it would be preferable to work with a scrubber and then rinse it off from top to bottom with a pressure washer and a multipurpose cleaner for a more effective cleaning.

Safety Tips for Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is not an easy task, you need full knowledge on the item itself and how it suppose to work along with other cleaners and its accessories.

1. When pressure washing you definitely expect to get wet as this cleaning equipment uses a lot of water. The risk for this, is that when you hold any electric-powered machine and even the cords and wires of the pressure washer, the chances of receiving electrical shock is very high. Be vigilant when working. If you are using any ladder on your cleaning procedures, always make certain that you are in quite a distance with the exterior outlets.

2. Avoid using the power of Pressure Washer on cable wires, outlets and outdoor lights for your own safety.

3. Posture. Do you know that your posture also has an effect on your safety when pressure washing and even just for cleaning? When using the ladder, make sure that it is on the right position at the right angle of your choice. Place your feet comfortably on the ladder base for you to be able to stretch your arms straight out for cleaning. This could be a tricky operation, if you are still unsure of what to do, then it is better to hire a professional and observe, for next time you will have the idea.

4. Pressure Nozzles are of different kinds, try to make a test for every nozzle on a wider space and pick the best one that suits your type of cleaning. Using a fan pattern, make a test on the following distance:

Yellow Nozzle – 15 degrees

Green Nozzle – 25 degrees

White Nozzle – 40 degrees