The invention of the pressure washer has clearly made cleaning much easier and much faster.  These days, pressure washers are being utilized in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors simply because they help make cleaning more efficient and easier.  The inception of the pressure washer started out by simply accelerating water at tremendous speeds in order to bombard hard to remove dirt with enough umph to dissolve, lift, and get rid of them.  Innovators on the other hand thought that if they could use heated water with the pressure washer, then they will be able to increase its cleaning power further.

Hot water pressure washers are very versatile cleaning equipments and that they are able to improve cleanliness even better.  Since you can use either hot water or cold water with the unit, they serve as a dual purpose cleaning machine.  This can be very handy especially if you do not really need heated water on your cleaning chore, particularly on materials that are sensitive to hot water.  Having the capacity to use both hot water and cold water, makes this cleaning equipment highly versatile as it allows you to practically clean any surface.

A hot water pressure washer has an output temperature of 210°F.  It is capable of delivering this temperature due to the heating elements built into it.  The difference in a hot water pressure washer and a cold water pressure washer is basically its temperature output.  However, the cleaning power that hot water units can provide is much better.

There are basically two types of hot water pressure washer available – ordinary hot water units and tri-mode units.

Ordinary hot water pressure washers are widely used cleaning equipments in the industrial and commercial sectors.  They are very useful when it comes to cleaning oil and grease because the hot water stream coming from the unit ensures that these do not solidify.  If you use cold water on oil and grease, they will just harden making them even harder to remove.  Hot water units are also used for cleaning outdoor areas such as parks, roads, stadiums, and parking lots.  Normally, these hot water pressure washers are further classified into two types and this is based purely on their power source – electric or gas.

Electric hot water heaters uses electricity to power both its motor and its heating element to deliver the hot water the operator requires from the unit.  Electric units have a more silent operation, requires less maintenance, and do not emit any fumes caused by the combustion of gasses.  Gas powered hot water heaters uses gas for its combustion engine to power the pump, and propane to heat water.  Gas-powered units are noisy, require more maintenance, and cannot be used on indoor locations or areas with poor ventilation.  They however are able to generate more power than electric units.

Tri-mode pressure washers are sort of jack-of-all-trades in the pressure washer world.  They are able to deliver the three temperature outputs of pressure washers, namely: cold water, hot water, and steam.  You can easily consider them to be the best type of pressure washer if not for their high price.

Hot water pressure washers are ideal for cleaning contractors who are confronted with different types of cleaning tasks.  Thanks to these types of cleaning equipments, cleaning contractors are able to accomplish a wide range of cleaning tasks, making them an invaluable investment.  The truth is the use of hot water pressure washer offers numerous advantages and the list below shows some of them:

Available Options

Hot water pressure washers are available in a variety of options.  You can choose between electric-powered models and gas-powered models.  Gas-powered models come in petrol or diesel versions and both are highly suitable when using them on remote locations, particularly when there is limited access to electricity.  It is important to remember that gas-powered models generate exhaust emissions which is why they should primarily be used on outdoor locations only.  Electric-powered models on the other hand have no toxic emission which is why they can be used for outdoor and indoor cleaning.  The main downside to using electric-powered models is that they are limited to the length of your extension cord.  Nevertheless, whether you choose a gas-powered model or an electric-powered model, your unit will be equipped with industrial grade heating coils that allow you to effectively heat water.


Hot water pressure washers often come in mobile options so that they can easily be transported and maneuvered.  Since these machines are heavy, it is not uncommon to see them mounted on wheels or trailers for mobility.  This makes them easier to move around, particularly when you are running a cleaning business.

Different Applications

Hot water pressure cleaning units are very effective when it comes to heavy duty degreasing, such as that found in food processing facilities and restaurant.  They are highly capable of handling the toughest grease stains with relative ease.

Using a hot water pressure washing equipment will help you accomplish your entire cleaning task in hardly any time.  Their ability to remove dirt, stains, oil, grease, and grime from most types of surfaces makes them exceedingly indispensable for industries and commerce that handles or deal with oil-based and petrol-based products.  They are also very useful for government agencies that deal with road cleaning because roads can sometimes have road kills and oil sleeks which can be hard to remove without a pressure washer.  In addition, the hot water cleaning machine not only helps clean the road, but it also somewhat sterilizes it from the bacteria that may have cultured from the road kill.

Hot water pressure washers are also the perfect cleaning equipment for food establishments as they help to eliminate the growth of bacteria in the kitchen, while helping to keep walls, floors, windows, and entryways clean.

The advantages of hot pressure washers are innumerable which is why if you are running a cleaning business, are in the restaurant business, or are simply into very effective cleaning equipments, then this is the right pressure washer unit for you.  The various applications that you can use with the unit not only makes it very versatile, but it also makes it a worthy investment.