We have categorized pressure washers depend on their PSI output into 4 types specifically light duty, medium duty, heavy duty and extra heavy duty pressure washers. To know much better, let us first define PSI. PSI basically points out to the total water pressure created by your pressure washer. It can vary from 1000 PSI to over 4000 PSI.

  • Extra Heavy Duty

    All of professional grade pressure washers create over 4000 PSI and are outstanding for heavy duty industrial applications. They are typically gas variants and have plenty of raw power. Variety begins from 4000 PSI and above. These are most ideal for every single thing except autos, trucks and patio outdoor furniture.

  • Heavy Duty

    Majority of higher end Semi-pro pressure washers can conveniently generate about 3000 PSI but only a few manage to get to as far as 4000 PSI. These types of are best for pathways, car port floor, driveways, outdoor patio, secure fencing, decks, stairs and floor. On the other hand, these are bad for cars and trucks.

  • Medium Duty

    The optimal pressure in this variety is 3000 PSI and it commences from 2000 PSI. These are very well for pathways, garages, garage floor, secure fencing, wood deck, floors, stairs and furnishings.

  • Light Duty

    A large number of commercial pressure washers or domestic washers are created for light duty usage. These individuals put in a maximum of 2000 PSI and are good for basic household jobs. These are good for wood deck, fences, garage, stairs, floor surfaces, stain removal, exterior siding, cars, trucks, furnishings, sidewalks and driveways. However, these are bad for wall prep work for paint and second floor washing.