People who are familiar with pressure washers know how effective they are in removing dirt and stains from surfaces.  The best thing about them is that aside from being effective, they are also able to cut down your cleaning time by more than a half.  This means you not only are able to clean much better, but you will also be able to do it in far less time – giving you plenty of extra time to do other chores.

Although it can be said that investing in a pressure washer can be a good idea, not everyone shares the same opinion, especially if they know they may only use the unit once every two years.  This is because you do not necessarily have to clean the fence and wall of your home every year.  If so, then investing in a pressure washer may really not such a good idea after all.  The only viable solution for this then would be to rent one from companies that offer pressure washer rentals.

Renting pressure washers is preferred by people who do not want to invest in pressure washers and take time to maintain them, even though there are low end pressure washers that costs less than a hundred dollars to begin with.  These low end pressure washers will usually have a PSI rating of 1500 and they can do very well with light cleaning jobs such as cleaning cars, walls, fences, pavements, and many more.  However, for them, since they will simply be renting pressure washer units, they are able to acquire higher end models that are able to deliver up to 3000 PSI along with temperature options that can greatly help with cleaning, particularly on oil-based stains.

The truth is since most higher-end pressure washers are mostly powered by gasoline, maintaining them will really be much of hassle, especially if they will be stored for more than a year after every use.  This is because not only will the gasoline in the tank stale when left for prolonged periods, but the gasoline set in the engine may also corrode some of its parts.

If you are a homeowner and you would like to rent a pressure washer, it is important to understand that low-powered pressure washers may not be able to accomplish efficiently some types of cleaning tasks and that higher-powered ones may in fact be too powerful for some types of cleaning and in the end damage the surface of what you only initially intended to clean.  This makes it very important to assess the type of cleaning job you have at hand so you can acquire the right unit suitable for your task at hand.

Knowing the type of cleaning task you have is very important when renting a pressure washer.  You don’t go out renting a steam pressure washer when your cleaning tasks involves a lot of plastic materials such as fiber glass windows.  It is important to duly assess what you need to clean and take careful considerations.  Aside from this, you need to remember that powerful pressure washers have the capacity to strip off paint or penetrate delicate bricks and mortar so you should also assess the type of material you will be cleaning.  Only cleaning tasks such as the cleaning of roofs, sidings, fences, driveways, sidewalks, and weed removal may require high-powered pressure washers.

Once you have properly assessed you the cleaning task you have up ahead, you need to decide on what additional accessories you may want to rent to further enhance and hasten your cleaning.  If you plan on cleaning elevated spaces, you may want to consider renting a ‘telescoping wand’ which is a wand that can extend up to 24 feet, allowing you to reach those high spaces without having to use ladders or scaffolds and further increasing your safety.  Another accessory you may get interested in would be the ‘rotary nozzle.’  This particular nozzle has a spinning tip which further enhances its cleaning power.  However, if you want an accessory that gives you faster cleaning time, nothing beats the ‘flat surface cleaners.’  This accessory perfect for flat surfaces (thus its name) and comes in the shape of a disc along with a protruding shaft on one side that acts as a handle so you can control it properly.  It has a spinning arm with nozzles at its bottom which allows it to cover more area in one pass.

After you have completed the details on what type of unit along with additional accessories to rent, you now need to assess which day of the week you would like to start your cleaning task so you can rent your pressure washer.  It is also important that you consider the time of the year you are renting as certain seasons as well as certain days may have a higher rental demand than others.  This also makes it safe to assume that peak rental days and seasons will be more expensive than regular days.  If you’re considering renting a unit on a certain day, say your week leave of absences from work, but you are not sure whether if it will be available during those days, consider reserving the unit and accessories you want by paying in advance so that the unit will be available on the day you need it.

Once everything has all been planned, you may need to take into account the brand of pressure washer you will be renting.  This is simply because some brand of pressure washers are easier to use than others and some also are more robust than others.  You wouldn’t want to rent a generic or brandless pressure washer unit that may not be as heavy duty as it seems.  This is because should the unit get damaged in your possession during your rental period, the owner may charge you for not taking care of the unit properly and require you to replace the unit even when all you did was use it the same way you will use a branded heavy duty pressure washer.  This makes it all the more important that you get a branded unit, one of which whose brand you can rely on.